Nerd Alert

Do you ever want to do something that you know others probably wouldn’t let you do if just brought up out of the blue, but wrap it up in a shiny package of wonderfulness and enhancement for everyone, then the something looks awfully yummy?

Yeah, I just did that. High five to myself!

I wanted to take some computer classes on web stuff, but I can’t afford them on my own nor take the time off of work. But through some pretty packaging, I’m going to be signed up to not only take the classes I wanted, paid for by work, but also some other classes I hadn’t even thought of. On stuff I may not even know how to spell, it’s so techy-keen. Yup, crazy acronyms too!!

It is so nerdy, but in a really cool, techno-geek-uber-fabulastic kind of way.

High five right back to myself!



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