Hazard of Being a Rugby Player No. 34

Leaving your wet stinky cleats in your car overnight and then opening the door the next morning to a funk you would not believe.

Yesterday was good. I got quite a lot accomplished and visited with my brother a bit before practice. Then after twice getting stuck in traffic on my way home, then on my way to practice … 40 minutes total in what normally takes 20 tops … I made it to practice.

[Now before all of you city women bitch about real traffic jams, please just consider that my little city here is only 300,000 people and we never used to have any traffic jams really, so to have to deal with them more and more as our city grows is a pain. Your big cities always have traffic issues, so just shush.]

It was rainy and kind of cold yesterday, so I dressed warm for practice and was ready to be miserable, but the rain let up and once we started running around, I was okay. The rain and air even seemed to help my lungs [allergies + light asthma + rugby = not always fun together] because Pinkie had us run a larger amount of sprints than normal – which was good because I know people are not working out on their own time, especially running, although you didn’t hear that from me – and I actually did pretty well and good pace. And considering I’m still sore from my prison workout Monday night, that is good news. We were short a few players, but had some new players show up as well, so numbers look good for this weekend.

I just had to write an e-mail to our team requesting that some of our backs get their asses to practice though. Now that I seem to be a back for good again, it’s pretty frustrating to have a different backline every practice. Grrrrr!

In good news, our game this weekend should be really competitive. I’m pretty excited, although not super excited for the long drive and late kickoff of 2 p.m. We’ll be at Columbia Park in the Twin Cities for any of you around there. We play the Menagerie at 2 p.m. and then our league pals the Valks are coming by for a mix-it-up game it seems. I would tell you what position I’ll be playing, but I just have no idea right now. Not in the scrum though. *sigh*




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6 responses to “Hazard of Being a Rugby Player No. 34

  1. John Birch

    Right – I give up. What the heck are cleats? Are they boots? Socks?

  2. mutantin

    “England and America are two countries separated by the same language.”
    Sir Walter Besant


    just like germany and austria btw…

  3. Blondie

    Oh, sorry John. Cleats are boots. Here we sometimes call our rugby boots cleats, because some of us wear soccer cleats.

    In the US, you can’t just walk into your local sporting goods store and buy rugby gear. We have to do most of it online or at tournaments. Kind of a pain really.

  4. mutantin

    same thing in germany.
    i bought my last pair of boots at ebay.

  5. John Birch

    Ah right. We’d still call them boots whether they were football/soccer, rugby, hockey, or cricket. I’ve never come across the word before – it initially sounded like it had something to do with mountaineering.

    Its not actually THAT easy getting proper rugby boots here as most “sports shops” are increasingly becoming fashion outlets that major the round ball game (and mainly sell replica shirts in sizes that are unlikley to be used by actual players, or indeed anyone you’d think capable of fitting through the door!).

  6. Mike

    We found a solution to stinky soccer cleats with the use of soccer dryers that air and dry them out. We also use them for our goalie gloves. We bought it at http://www.soccerdryer.com. Works great!

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