Wales Knocks Down Canada: Does this help US?

Wales beat Canada 16-11 on Saturday, giving our Northern Neighbors just one win over a Welsh developmental team on their UK Tour after losing to Ireland. Here’s’s coverage as well.

Does this bode well for the Americans when we play Canada in Boulder next month? We’ll see. Certainly, our own three-win UK Tour, the Chula Vista camp and this past weekend’s matches against the Midwest & West must be helping team cohesion.




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2 responses to “Wales Knocks Down Canada: Does this help US?

  1. John Birch

    Rather depends who your USA team played in the UK.

    Wales are not the weakened team riven by strife and player withdrawls they were 12 months ago – they were runners up in the Six Nations this year, beating France (all be it narrowly), as well as ireland and Scotland, and were also the only side to trouble England in any way.

    A Welsh home win over Canada should really have been no surprise at all.

  2. Blondie

    Yes, one could do some digging and do a roster comparison, but that would be truly rugby nerdy. And in the end, doesn’t really matter when the World Cup rolls around.

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