Mental Health Day & Damn Gym Bunnies

I got up to go to work today, took a shower and then realized I needed the day off, so I taking a day for me. Doing laundry, cleaning up my house, taking care of a bunch of chores I never get to do and talking a lot to my cat and my sister’s dog. I think they are enjoying the company.

I attempted to blog this morning earlier, but couldn’t get on blogger at all. So just a little today.

Last night I went to my gym for the first time in a few months at least. Between the monkey bar gym conditioning sessions, rugby practice and life lately, just haven’t made it out there. It was crowded and lacking the equipment I wanted to use, especially just some open space. I attempted a prison workout like we did in some of our monkey bar sessions, clean and presses with a medicine ball, then lunges. But the heaviest ball I could find was only 14 pounds and I don’t like using free weights for this kind of workout, so I just had to add more reps. I got through a few, then our men’s team coach came up and talked to me for a minute. I then turned around back to my spot and found some little gym bunny in spandex working her abs on a bosu ball in my small free space. Grrrr. So I found a different spot nearby and went back to work. It was good to get in there, run for a while and workout. I didn’t really appreciate all the meatheads scoping, but oh well. And I’m a tad sore today, so that is a good thing. I’ll just have to figure out some better adaptions for the monkey bar sessions at my gym.

Practice tonight, hopefully the current drizzling outside will stop. Still might have to be a scrumhalf this weekend, but it’s up in the air and dependent on the practice attendance of someone who isn’t all that dependable. We’ll see. Sadly, it looks like I have been more permanently relegated to the backline. I really miss the scrum. *sigh* Oh well. Maybe if we get some backs in recruiting, I’ll be able to move around to either area.


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