Eagles 2-0 in Minnesota, Midwest Beats West in Territorial Battle

Heard it was a weekend of battling rugby up in Blaine, Minnesota.

The West held the Eagles Developmental Team tryless but lost 3-0. Kimmie K., playing for the West, said it was a good game and the West Women were thisclose to scoring a couple of different times.

In the second game Saturday, the Eagles kept the Midwest Women on defense for much of the game, notching a 50-0 win.

I haven’t heard yet from my lovely teammates on Sunday’s Midwest-West matchup. And sorry Kimmie, but I’m hoping for a Midwest win. 🙂

I did however see that I received two drunk dials on my cell phone from last night’s post-game shenanigans in Minnesota. One at midnight from someone with a 201 area code (New Jersey?!) and then one from one of my team captains, Goose, at 2 a.m.

Okay, just received a phone call from Goose, Pinkie and Scottie on the way home. The Midwest beat the West and Goose played really well, but got a yellow card for, get this, long-ball rucking. Ummm … what? Since when is that worthy of a yellow card?

And it may have been Pinkie on the NJ cell phone. She tends to borrow.

If you have recaps from the weekend of just good stories, pics, shoutouts whatever. Leave a comment.




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5 responses to “Eagles 2-0 in Minnesota, Midwest Beats West in Territorial Battle

  1. Anonymous

    could’ve been a drag queens phone and who pays strippers to take your clothes off for you?

  2. Blondie

    It seems that there might be more stories to be told from this past weekend, huh?

  3. Anonymous

    Well what happens in minnesota stays in minnesota right?

  4. Anonymous

    I concur what happens in minnesota should stay in minnesota!

  5. Blondie

    HA!! Too bad some of you already told me some of the stories. Not that I will be blogging them at all. 😉

    What happens in Minnesota *does* stay off the blog.

    And to think, back in Minnesota again this weekend …

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