Barefoot Sprint Champion!!

So I have already put in a little sprinting this morning. Pinkie & Goose – please note that for practice tonight.

I, as usual, slept in a tad this morning and didn’t give myself enough time to drop my car off at our mechanic (which is only two blocks from my house) or enough time to then walk to my bus stop to work. I didn’t think I would make it at all, but I tried anyway.

This resulted in my being one block’s distance from my bus stop as the bus rounded the corner one block from me. So I froggered and dodged traffic to cross the street, attempted a few steps running in my shoes, ripped my shoes off (thankfully I’m wearing slip ons) and took off full bore barefoot to my bus stop in front of 100s of morning commuters. I am also wearing a white cotton summer skirt and a pink ribbed turtleneck, so there is no mistaking me for someone taking a jog.

And damn it, I made it. Reason #178 why being a rugby player has additional benefits. You can outrace a bus barefoot in your work clothes on a Thursday morning. I would like to think that anyone watching also thought to themselves, “My that nicely dressed young women has nice sprinting form.”

Last night, I informed my friend Tim that it was infinitely better to be outside enjoying the spring than to be inside at the gym, so he suggested we go rollerblading on the nice bike path near my house.

For the record, I can rollerblade. I just can’t stop my rollerblades.

So he came over and we did a big five-mile loop from my house to the nearby football stadium (Go Badgers!) and then back to the highway overpass past my house, then home. Rollerblading definitely works muscles I don’t use all the time, more on the outside of my legs and hips, from the pushing off like a hockey skater. And it burns your butt. I can definitely feel it a bit today.

Since it was my idea to play hooky from the gym, I took Tim out for food and we walked to a nearby area of shops and restaurants. We chose a place called Pasquals with pretty good mexican food, ate too much and drank too much (root beer! the foam goes straight to your brain!) and waddled home to my house. I don’t think either one of us ever listens to our stomaches when they are trying to tell us, “HEY! We’re full! Stop eating!”. Oh well. I love food. And thankfully, I’m active enough that I’m always hungry.

So, yeah meetings today downtown. I’m just starting to really wake up, I think my sprint workout helped. The funny thing is, I was up at like 5:45 (then fell back asleep again later) because my cat was being goofy and walking around our downstairs meowing to himself. He’s a very quiet cat, so to hear him walking around talking to himself quite loudly at sunrise was pretty funny. And you could tell he wasn’t doing it because he was hungry or lost or anything else, just kind of walking around, chatting to himself. Probably hoping I would wake up soon. Little furry bastard. 🙂


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