Mid-Atlantic Announces Senior Women’s All-Stars

Hot off an e-mail …

MARFU is pleased to announce the 2006 All Star team that will represent our Territory at this year’s ITTs. Selections were extremely competitive and based on two MARFU camps, the MARFU and MARFU Developmental games, as well as observations from club matches.

The team will be traveling to Boulder, CO June 8-11th to compete in the 2006 Women’s National All-Star Championship.

2006 MARFU ITT Team
Kristin Aliberto (Philadelphia)
Jo Bader (Washington)
Stacy Bennett (NOVA)
Megan Billingsley (NOVA)
Beth Black (NOVA)
Tena Bulthuis (Washington)
Dana Creager (NOVA)
Jen Dean (Maryland)
Liz Dilley (Washington)
Heather Ferrell (Raleigh)
PJ Fiore (Washington)
Holly Gaff (Washington)
Jess Hammond (Washington)
Jennifer Heath (Washington)
Meredith Hegg (Philadelphia)
Jamie Jones (Raleigh)
Mel Kanuk (Maryland)
Dre Khoury (Washington), Co-Captain
Liz King (NOVA), Co-Captain
Angie Marfisi (Philadelphia)
Elise Myer (Philadelphia)
Joan Oxman (Washington)
Kate Pope (Philadelphia)
Saburah Posner (Philadelphia)
Naomi Sandler (Maryland)
Sheara Williamson (Philadelphia)

Thank you,

*MARFU Staff*
Scott Delaney, Head Coach
MA Sorenson, Forwards Coach
Krista McFarren, Backs Coach
Steve Brush, MARFU Developmental Coach
Candace Gingrich, Co-Manager
Maria Vastola, Co-Manager



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