Do vending machines take pennies?

It’s nearly the end of the day and, being the caffeine addict that I clearly am, I find myself in a dire predicament.

I have drank the two sodas I brought to work with me, opting not to bring more because three sodas is just too much (stupid, stupid, stupid!). But now I want to buy that third soda and I only have 45 cents in silver coins. Gazillions of pennies, but only two dimes, two nickels and one french 1/2 franc (I think) that I believe the vending machine would think is a dime.

I also have a 20 dollar bill in my wallet. But no means of breaking said bill into smaller parts that would get me my very much wanted soda.

Sadly, I can’t just move on, but I sit here and think about it. And think some more. And check all of my change spots again, realize they really is no more usable change and then think some more.

Bastard pennies!!! Why can’t you be silver?

Earlier today, I went to go move my car (because I overslept a little, lollygagged this morning while getting ready, and then had to drive) and didn’t bring my raincoat with. It started that light drizzle that you don’t really mind (at least I don’t) in my six blocks of round-trip walking. It felt very springy!

Plus there are tulips and other spring flowers everywhere. So many colors. Slashes, blotches and dots of every color in very vivid palettes. And all of the crabapple trees just exploded in color this week too. Whites, light pinks and crimsony pinks bursting off of their tree branches. So when you walk, all of a sudden the wind changes a bit and you find yourself in a stream of flowery air and then it’s gone again. I would imagine that if you could see what you smell, you would find yourself surrounded by a pink wisp of fragrance.

It is days like these and walks like that, where I wish I had a very small digital camera to use along with my larger digital canon rebel. Just something small that I could always have on me, to quick snap these moments. I’ll have to work on that.

And yes, I still want that soda. AAARRRGGGGHHHHH!

Thankfully, I’m not a crack addict. That could really be a problem.

I am now eating an apple and drinking water. *sigh* Pretty tasty, albeit not as supposedly tasty as the soda my brain keeps reminding me I can’t have.



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