This Weekend’s Rugby Action in Minnesota

This weekend, the Eagles are playing the Midwest and the West All-Star teams in Blaine, Minnesota. Here’s the schedule and player lists …

Saturday, May 6
11:00 a.m. – West vs. Eagles A
1:00 p.m. – Midwest vs. Eagles

Sunday, May 7
10:00 a.m. – Midwest vs. West

Midwest Women’s Team
(not complete since I had to piece it together, e-mail me if you know more)
Anna Brown, Twin Cities Amazons
Jenny ?
Christine Barber, Buffalo
Sarah Chabot, Minnesota Valkyries
Kelly Clerkin, Wisconsin Women
Lea Coon, Minnesota Valkyries
Sara Corcoran, Chicago North Shore
Farrah Douglas, Chicago North Shore
Kelly Evanovich, Pittsburgh Angels
Cynthia Galvan, Chicago Women
Sue Hanson, Chicago North Shore
Angie Heifort, Minnesota Valkyries
Nicole Helmer, Wisconsin Women
Katy Hertel, Minnesota Valkyries
Jenny Jaspers, Iowa State University
Kristen Johnson, Cincinnati-Dayton
Leslie Johnson, Chicago Women
Jackie Limberg, Chicago North Shore
Desiree Markovich, Minnesota Valkyries
Teena Mastrangelo, Chicago North Shore
Jenny Menke, Minnesota Valkyries
Robin Popelka, Chicago Women
Christy Ringgenberg, Minnesota Valkyries
Hannah Stolba, Minnesota Valkyries
Garnet Towne, Minnesota Valkyries
Kate Turpin, Minnesota Valkyries
Lindsay Wedemeier, Northern Iowa University
Blaire Zummak, Minnesota Valkyries
Rebecca Radtke, Twin Cities Amazons
Sara Tompkins
Tonnie Wulff, Twin Cities Amazons

West Women’s Team(via West Women’s Blog)
(No Teams Available)
Amy Root
Angela Hurt
Angie Poe
Carrie White
Casie McNeil
Christina Kiourtzidis
Cody Monroe
Heather Hoops
Jaime Lange
Janay Lake
Jen Joyce
Jenn Eckles
Jules Lehman
Katie Thoreson
Katie Wurst
Kim Klahn
KJ Abel
Lisa Dieckman
Lynelle Kugler
Marcel Gawronski
Melissa McKibben
Meredith Ottens
Molly Albano
Natascha Michalski
Parisa Asgharzad
Paula Kelly
Sadie Thomas
Soni Lucero
Suzanna Barth
Valerie Griffeth
Wendy Young

USA Eagles (Via WomenEagles)
(No Teams Available)
Hedwig Aerts
Kristen Baja
Claudia Braymer
Jaime Burke
Laura Cabrera
Erin Carter
Annie Collier
Jen Crouse
Carrie Dubray
Ashley English
Heather Hale
Kristin Zdanczewicz
Patty Jervey
Ellie Karvoski
Lee Knight
Phaidra Knight
Pam Kosanke
Laura McDonald
Danielle Miller
Pat Neder
Tina Nesberg
Kate Pope
Jen Sinkler
Mari Wallace
Keenya Warner

USA Eagles A
(No Teams Available)
Kristen Aerts
Olivia Anglade
Annie Antar
Stacy Bennett
Rebecca Brafman
Stephanie Bruce
Lisa Butts
Brenna Costello
Kate Cox
Erin Diehl
Jessica Houser
Heather Jennings
Mel Kanuk
Kim Magrini
Katie McCallum
Sara Merritt
Liz Snodgrass
Chris Trucano
Lara Vivolo
Kitt Wagner
Courtney Warner
Maura Weikman
Kelly White



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