Mmmmm … Yogurt!

A rugby update at lunch for my pals out there avoiding work … you know you are!

Some scores … Jen in Minnesota sent me this Saturday and says “The Valks beat the Zons this morning, 10-5. A physical battle (as always), and the play was very, very sloppy — it rained on us hard from start to finish.”

By the way, you can see some great photos of the Valks, Zons and other Midwest teams (including a few of Wisconsin!) here at Dropkick Photos.

Emily in New Joisey reports … Morris Women beat Hartford 26-15 (despite playing down 1 for the first half due to car troubles!). And I wasn’t invited, but I’m also sorry I missed the pub crawl. 🙂

For the upcoming weekend, Angie from Philly says:

Philadelphia Women are desperately seeking a home match for THIS Saturday (5/6) in lovely Philadelphia, PA. The team we were supposed to play cancelled both the senior and developmental side games today and it is our Friends, Family and Alumni Weekend! We are looking for a senior side game , a developmental side game , or either, or both……we can provide housing, food at the pitch and at the social and beverages, we can pick people up, wash your jerseys when you are done playing etc:) Our home pitch-Edgely Field… has grass (its green and long) and goalposts…if that sways your decision! If interested, please contact me at

Philadelphia Women

There is a whole bunch of other newsy stuff I could blog today, about the national office and the men’s national team, but as my teammates and I discussed this weekend while stuffing our faces with yummy cupcakes at the third half, sometimes that gets boring. Plus I have some work to do, so I’ll save it for later gators.

And again, just to clarify, I am *not* driving up to Minnesota this weekend to watch the Midwest and West All-Stars play the Eagles. It does sound great, but I’m not very good at being just a rugby fan and I have to drive up there the next weekend anyway for a game. Plus, I doubt that the rugby pitch has WiFi so I couldn’t even liveblog the games like some utter and complete dork. Although, someday maybe … who knows, if somebody wanted to pay for me to liveblog the World Cup, I would consider it. 🙂


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