HOGs Blog

The Denver Harlequin Olde Girls have a blog for their team, in shades of pink of course. I’ll throw it on the sidebar.

Thanks for the link HOGs and good luck this spring.




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2 responses to “HOGs Blog

  1. firecracker

    So good luck this weekend….Scrum Half – ohmegod. Well technically you got to practice it in winter practices with Danni 🙂 So is the coach/bill giving you these positions?

    I think you should come to MN May3-7th to come visit me:) We are no longer having a game against MN the same weekend – booo.


  2. Blondie

    I love you kimmie K., but there’s no way in hell I am driving to Minnesota two weekends in a row, like Kelly and Nicole will have to do. They will pass on some love for me though.

    I just found out that for coaching U-19s I have to miss Whorefest and go to Elkhart, Indiana. 😦 So yeah, not keen on additional long roadtrips unless absolutely necessary. Sorry you cutie!

    But who knows, maybe I’ll consider a trip out to Colorado if I ever get some money again. 🙂

    You should drive up and see the boys in Missoula, MT this weekend!!

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