It’s the simple moments you remember the most …

I opted not to blog yesterday when I got home.

I went and bought my friend a present of two new books to read on his flight this morning to Montana (our men’s team is going to Maggotfest in Missoula this weekend!), then chatted with my family a bit as my father helped my mother and sister move some antiques for their antique booth at a local store.

After that, I played around in my sunny, violet-filled yard with my cat and my sister’s dog. We made up a new game too. If I rip up grass and sprinkle it on my cat’s head, he sits there looking up at it blinking wildly as it falls all over his face. He’ll also let me pile grass up all over his head and back while he lounges until he’s almost completely camoflauged. We did this over and over again until an overexcited squirrel in my neighbor’s yard started chirping wildly and caught my cat’s attention.

The dog also enjoys the grass game, but instead of sitting there, she jumps up on her hind feet and tries to eat the grass first. Who wants to be sprinkled on, when you can attack the evil grass.

Too many squirrels and people walking their dogs that needed to barked at drove us all inside the house. So I started Part Two of my blog-free afternoon, eating chips and salsa and watching television, “Paycheck” with Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman was on showtime. Sorry, no univision.

My sister came home later and we ate dinner together, before I went over to give my friend his books and hang out with him while he packed. The guys have a theme for the trip, “Are these the Alps?” and are going dressed as alpine-like guys. One’s even donning lederhosen. Silliness will ensue, I’m sure.

This weekend, my team and our new coach Bill will play the only other women’s team in our state (well, the other one that has a full roster). It should be a grudge match. And through the rugby grapevine, we have heard that this other team’s coach has told his players that my team looks down our noses at them and that we don’t do any work to better rugby in our state, which is complete bullshit. I think anyone that reads this blog would be hardpressed to call me, my team or the rugby community in our city one that is selfish and condescending to others. I took this as a personal affront since I am the president of our team.

I asked our players to play hard and be politely aggressive, to not step down to this level of insult. After all, it’s how you walk, not how you talk. Let’s hope this other team is smarter than their coach. It’s all about karma, you know. Reap what you sow.

Either way though, should be a great game of rugby. Let’s just hope I don’t completely flop around in the backline. 😉

ps … just updated my yahoo cartoon (which I love to play with) and I’m currently fighting the urge to make her wear the new dancing outfits that yahoo set up. They are like vegas showgirl outfits!


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