New York Women Seeking Backs Coach

Rachel from the New York Women sent me this to share with all of you …

New York Rugby Club (NYRC) Women’s Team is actively seeking a backs’ coach for the year 2006 (Spring, Summer, and Fall). NYRC Women’s team is currently ranked #3 in the US in the Women’s Club side Division I. We have an elite senior side and a highly competitive developmental side. We are looking for a knowledgeable individual who will be committed to building an effective and championship program. Our goal is to develop players and win championships.

Currently, NYRC is comprised of a mix of elite, developmental and beginner players. An impressive number currently represent the US Women’s National Senior side, US Women’s Developmental Side (in both XV’s and 7’s) and other select sides. Additionally, the club consistently draws individuals new to the sport of rugby. All are motivated and committed to the club and each other. As a backline coach, your responsibilities would include developing and instructing drills and game strategies that incorporate teaching individuals of all levels to become better players. Other duties are to: assist the head coach, Drew Fautley; help prepare and run team
practices; develop overall team strategies; offer constructive feedback to players and assist with squad selections. Finally, we are looking for someone who can provide insight about back-specific skills and strategies that effectively utilizes our talented backline. We’re specifically asking for consistency in your commitment to our team and our team’s philosophy. We are working to improve as a club, but we need your help. Prior coaching and/or playing experience are not necessary, but preferred.

Based in NYC, our practices are held in Manhattan. Salary is negotiable and commensurate with experience. Most of your compensation will be for your travel and reimbursement for expenses associated with the team. If you do not currently reside within the US, we will make every effort to assist you with work arrangements.

For more background on NYRC, please visit our website at This is your chance to help develop an aspiring group of female rugby players in a country where rugby is one of the most rapidly growing sports! If you are interested in learning more about this position, please email Kristin Baja ( and visit




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