A Magical Place Full of Gum Drops, Flowers & Kittens … Racine!

This is your warning … Wednesday morning will be blog-free for Blondie.

I have practice tonight (where I will be *gasp* practicing at center! Oy!*), am hanging out with my friend afterwards, the insurance dude is looking at my truck (aka the Raspberry Beast) tomorrow morning** and then I am on the road again all day for work. To Racine, Wis.

“Wow! I am in Racine. How did I get to Racine?! What a most excellent place to be!”

If you are lucky, I might blog tomorrow afternoon. Or I might do something more fun. Like take a nap in a sunbeam in my front yard with my sister’s mini-weiner dog, Lulu the terrible, among all the little spring violets. Or eat chips and salsa and watch television programs on Univision and pretend I know more spanish than “Dos Cervesas Por Favor” and “Cayate la boca” (spelled wrong, I’m sure).

So, there. Now you know. Read the last post before this, think for a bit and answer my five questions. It’s important. And by important, I mean important.

Aloha til later y’all!

* Center … as in someone who’s job it is to run. Running requires the ability to move one’s legs very fast over a given distance. Let’s all pray my legs can move faster than anyone I happen to be playing this weekend. Go legs go!

** The Raspberry Beast was caught in a hail storm 10 days ago. Actually all of my family’s cars and our entire city was caught in one. Golfball and baseball sized-hail. Thankfully, no rugby ball sized-hail. Insurance Dude hopefully will cut me a check to pay some bills. The Beast will have to live on with some scarring, since Mama Blondie thinks this is Mother Nature’s way of saying, hey get out of debt a little, biyatch. Mother Nature – don’t salt my game. Make it a big check, okay?



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