Best of the West Results & Photos

Big Thanks to fellow blogger Amy from the Austin Valkyries for her great pics here and her e-mail …

Hi Blondie,
What a fantastic weekend! The Valkyries officers, especially Jen Joyce and Anna Kunkel, did an amazing job putting the tournament together and as far as I can tell everyone had a really great time. In pool 1, the Valks lost their second game, but because Ice beat the Babes the bracket was decided on points, with the Valkyries coming out on top. The Olde Girls were the definite winners of Pool 2.

Saturday –
Pool 1 –
Austin Valkyries vs. Colorado Black Ice 17-0 (Valks)
Austin Valkyries vs. Boulder Babes 28-25 (Babes)
Black Ice vs. Boulder Babes 21-5 (Ice)

Pool 2 –
Harlequin Olde Girls vs. Oklahoma Roses 31(?) – 0 (HOGS)
Olde Girls vs. Alamo City forty something – 0 (Olde Girls)
Oklahoma Roses vs Alamo City – 34-7 (OU)

The championship game final score was 29-17, Olde Girls. It was a great game to watch and both teams played their hearts out.

In the social bracket the UT women went undefeated on Saturday against Baton Rouge and Texas State (Pool 4), then lost to NW Arkansas Iron Maidens in the social championship game. I didn’t get to watch too much of their games, but the UT women were playing extremely well for a team in their first season. In Pool 3 (NW Arkansas, TX Women’s University and a motley of Houston/Rice U/Galveston) the Iron Maidens swept.

Don’t have scores for the rest of Saturday’s games or any of Sundays, because unfortunately no one bothered to write them down. All in all it was a weekend of great rugby and great camaraderie.


Amy, you have quite the eye for great shots! I used a nice one with this post.

Here are my previous postings on the Best of the West for more info (top three links).

And congratulations to my pal Kimmie K. and the HOGs for winning!



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