A very fun weekend! ( … and stinky Blogger)

(I tried to post this and others this morning … Blogger was down! Booooo!)

Hope all of you had a great weekend. Lots of updates in the Saturday’s A Rugby Day inbox, which I’ll post shortly.

Pinkie, Goose and I made the fun trip to Chicago, albeit a bit later Saturday morning than planned.

(Pic: Nicole & Kelly … pretty girls in Chicago!)

Goose didn’t get much sleep the night before (just two hours) and needed a last-minute pick-up and also had Pinkie’s cell phone, so my efforts to call Pinkie with my mind to let her know we were running late didn’t work as well as I had hoped. Resourceful Pinkie sat waiting for us patiently, reading the newest Onion and borrowing strangers’ cell phones to call us for updates. But I was driving, so the trip to Chi-Town went by fast and we had an i-pass so no waits at tolls. (seriously, Illinois, let’s ditch the tolls!)

We caught the end of the Chicago-Philly women’s challenge match, which Philly sadly won to take our fourth Midwest seed away, then got to surprise our men’s team with more fans on the sidelines. First, however, we were starving and needed some sustenance before the men’s kickoff to properly cheer. However, Lincoln Park’s concession stands were closed and restaurants were at least a 20-minute walk away.

Being the imaginative and starving ladies that we are though, we opted to enjoy the fine eating establishment at St. Joseph’s Hospital right across the street from Lincoln Park. The three of us had big salads, drinks and split a pizza for less than $5 each at the hospital cafeteria and could then enjoy the men’s game with no worries. It was pretty good too. And Goose almost caught a duck and a squirrel for her animal farm.

Our men’s team, the Wisconsin Rugby Club, played Lincoln Park, but were short several starters, low #s and some brand new rookies. It was rough match, but the guys played well, including a surprise b-side match they didn’t know about. Pinkie, Goose and I enjoyed the sun when it was not hiding behind some clouds, yummy ice cream from the ice cream truck during the b-side game, and I also got to see several older japanese men in their undies. Don’t ask.

Oh and we also got to see Santa Claus (“I know him! I know him”) and when he’s not making toys for girls and boys, it seems that he plays for the Lincoln Park old boys. Pinkie and I stayed down in Chicago overnight to hang out with our guys and Pinkie’s sister Shannon and then I got to eat a very yummy and global brunch in a funky Chicago cafe later Sunday. All in all, a good weekend.



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