Updated: Billups is Talking … and Me & Goff

Newly-resigned Eagle men’s coach Tom Billups is talking with the media …

American Rugby News: Billups Gives Reasons for his Stunning Decision (free)

Planet Rugby: Billups Hits Out at US Administrators (free)

Goff on Rugby: Billups Outlines Reasons for Leaving (Paid Subscription Required)


I have mentioned it before, but I will no longer be posting Goff on Rugby articles unless absolutely necessary. I posted the link above to better discuss my issues below.

GOR Editor Alex Goff has asked me to stop posting his full articles, which I unknowingly thought was okay to do as a paid subscriber as long as full credit was always given. He also told me that “it was a shame we could not have worked together” and that I would need permission for each individual story posted.

To which I responded that I would stop immediately and thanked him for alerting me to my mistake since I was unaware that my posting manner was incorrect. And yes, I agreed it was shame that we could not work together, so why not try?

But since I felt not posting anything would be a disservice to all of you since I enjoy some of his articles and interviews, I asked him for advice on how to best offer his articles to Saturday’s A Rugby Day readers. Especially since many of you have told me you were unaware that all of this rugby news & information was available on the web and we’ve have quite the growing women’s rugby audience here in one cool place. What a great way for him to reach out to potential new readers.

Additionally, I felt that asking permission for each potential story would be highly unrealistic, especially since I often find the same information – that he only offers paid subscribers – for free on the web with a bit of digging. But I didn’t want to have to work around, when I could work with and help out.

I offered up a few ideas, such as working together to promote his site via this blog to new women’s players in exchange for use of women’s rugby news or other similar ideas. I also asked for specific directions on what was okay to post/not okay to post if I did want to provide a link. I have yet to hear back from Alex on this since April 4. I find this very frustrating and today, I am e-mailing him again to find out what I can do.

Please know that I have no interest in being a rugby journalist, nor do I want to, in any way, prevent someone from making a living. I just want to share information with people that share my common interests. We are all fans of rugby. We are all rugby evangelists because we love this sport.

I just thought I should mention this, in case any of you were wondering.

Update: Great news! I e-mailed Alex Goff to tell him I hadn’t heard back from him since April 4, but wanted to know how I could proceed. He wrote back right away and hadn’t seen my most recent e-mail and was interested in working together some more. Hopefully, this means some more coverage for women’s rugby and some good stories to share here. Stay posted! I think this could be cool.




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3 responses to “Updated: Billups is Talking … and Me & Goff

  1. P

    Sad since you’re great publicity for his site. His perspective likely is “if you can get the milk for free then why buy the cow”. Maybe he’ll soften up.

  2. YG

    I just came across this blog today and it’s very impressive. Like you I feel the need to shine some light on the worlds best game and in particular the women’s part of it.

    So if you feel the need and can’t hold yourself, feel free to mail me for US WR news;)) I have a website which will be up soon. womens_rugby@hotmail.com

  3. Anonymous

    I think Goff’s subscription price is way too high, I’m not sure if it is justified. At least that’s what prevented me from subscribing to his site. What is it that one can get on Goff’s that he/she can’t get on American Rugby News or the Rugby Magazine, for example?


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