Orsini to be Honored in Chicago for 1991 Women’s World Cup Championship

Big thanks to Alex Goff for this interesting women’s rugby news tidbit …

US National Women’s Rugby Head Coach Kathy Flores and Assistant Coach Candi Orsini are flying to Chicago this weekend. Candi is being honored for her contributions to the 1991 World Cup Championships as part of the festivities for the upcoming 2006 Gay Games.

For any of you fellow Goff subscribers, he’ll have an interview with Kathy next week. She’s accompanying Candi as her guest this weekend and is looking forward to meeting Olympic Gold-Medal Diver Greg Louganis. Alex and I will be working together to help bring more news and information on women’s rugby, so stay posted. Good news, huh?!

And don’t forget, also in Chicago this weekend, the Chicago Women play the Philly Women for one of the four challenge matches. Pinkie, Goose and I are hoping to make it down there, so look for us on the sidelines.

Okay, gotta go. We have our team rugby open house in an hour. Have a great weekend everyone! And good luck to all the teams playing this weekend!



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One response to “Orsini to be Honored in Chicago for 1991 Women’s World Cup Championship

  1. Katie

    And as a member of the Philly Women’s Rugby team who was in Chicago to watch the match, I am proud to report that we won 53-0. It was a beautiful day for rugby, and we enjoyed it tremendously. Even those of us who were just there for moral support had a wonderful time. Thank you to Chicago for a good game and a great social afterwards. There are pictures from the game on my flickr website: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hubickik/

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