More on Arnot & Billups Rugby Upheaval

Two things added to this ongoing racket this morning …

• Kurt Oeler said that the USA Rugby release on Billups’ Resignation “bungled” his career highlights, so Oeler has a new post this morning on Billups’ legacy.

• I’m gritting my teeth a bit saying this, because I really think American Rugby News should do a better job covering the women’s game, but it posted a round-table podcast discussion between a reporter, Canadian Rugby News counterpart Doug Crosse and Rugby Magazine Editor Ed Hagerty to talk over this whole situation. It’s pretty interesting to listen to. I wish I was sitting with them in a bar chatting this over …

Obviously, these guys don’t know the whole story (how can they?), but they’re talking over different scenarios as to why this might be happening. Also, they discuss Kurt Oeler and how he can be both the Eagle men’s teams media guy, but then lambast Arnot and the Union so much via his Gainline blog. This is something I have always wondered myself … but I also enjoy reading a lot of Oeler’s postings so I pass them on to all of you.

Hagerty’s saying he’s glad to see Arnot staying on a while because the Union is facing one of the busiest competitive times ever for the national teams with the upcoming World Cups (Women – 2006; Men – 2007 … but I think they’re focusing mainly on men’s qualifiers this year), the NA4 games, and the various internationals. Hagerty adds that if Arnot can work hard and help the teams succeed in these final months, it could add a lot to his end legacy.

They’re also talking over possible replacements for Arnot & Billups. Much of the past few days discussions also stem from a media phone conference on Tuesday that all of these guys took part in with Arnot and USA Rugby Chairman Latham.

Oh yeah, and if you can get your hands on a print edition of the April 15 Rugby Magazine, the Unions’ board meeting minutes were finally published. In addition to a letter from yours truly correcting the magazine for ranking my team, the Wisconsin Women, twice as two separate teams and not fact checking that we are just *one* team. Only in the print edition though, kids. Sorry.

By the way, Goff still hasn’t posted any headlines covering this. I am quite curious about his silence.



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