A few items of interest and *gasp* a clarifcation

• In the comments, Alison from Vassar wrote me to explain that Vassar’s Women’s Rugby team, which I thought was varsity, is not.

Thanks for reporting our win in the Seven Sisters Tournament, but I just wanted to let you know that the Vassar women’s rugby team is actually not a varsity team. We occupy an interesting position in which we are a club sport but we are under the jurisdiction of the athletic department and therefore receive some of the “perks” that a varsity receives (such as having a fulltime coach) but definitely not all.

Good to know Alison! Thanks for passing this on. I believe Penn State’s rugby teams also have this hybrid designation of more than a club, but less than varsity. Here’s hoping we can change that someday soon.

• By e-mail, Ray Hunting, an assistant coach for the Unionville Rugby Club in Eastern Pennsylvania sent me a new HS girls’ link which I have added to the sidebar.

Here is a website address for Unionville High School Rugby in EPRU (Eastern Pa) to add to your blog site. We are having our annual extravaganza on Thursday night (called the Battle for the Belle) where Unionville Girls 1 will play West Chester Henderson Lady Blackhearts in a league match. The event is held in the football stadium (under the lights) and draws much attention from the school and local media.

Unionville HS rugby club is 4 years old and from what I understand is the largest youth rugby club program in the US with over 140 athletes participating. We have two HS boys teams, two HS girls teams and middle school boys. We have also received a petition from 25 middle school girls to start a middle school girls team.

Let’s go U…. ruck on!!!!

Ray Hunting
Assistant Coach

Thanks Ray and I hope some of your players made it to the U-19 camps out on the East Coast. And good luck in your game tonight!

• Since I have been listening to the American Rugby News podcasts, which feature Canadian Rugby News’ Doug Crosse as well, I added CRN to the sidebar. However, CRN also could do a much better job of covering women’s rugby. Seriously, Doug & Brian … if I can do it, anyone can … well, maybe not anyone. I am pretty damn cute.

• Speaking of cuteness, Iggy in Iceland wrote in to ask how I keep my blonde locks so beautiful and glossy while getting all sweaty and dirty on the rugby field. Thank you for writing in Iggy. I use Suave products at home to save money, smell nice and look good. Suave – you should totally sponsor me! Just like Diet Mt. Dew and Adidas. Let’s make this happen!

(Okay … so might have made up that last note, but someone from Adidas America was on my site the other day after a google search for “U.S. rugby hotbeds”. Adidas Dude … call me!! I can tell you all about rugby hotbeds!! And I look good in three stripes!)



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  1. rachel

    hopefully you will be receiving a lot of HS links – I sent your blog to all the U19 girls who were in attendance at the East Coast camp as the place to look for U19 news and updates!

    Also, to anyone who hasn’t been out to a high school girls rugby game – go find one in your area – you will be amazed (maybe you will even want to volunteer your time)!

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