The power of a good song lyric …

VH1 had a countdown of songs from the nation’s Top 100 lyrics … U2s “One” with the lyric “One Life, with Each Other Sisters, Brothers” took top honors. Link via Althouse.

I can only vaguely remember that song … I’ll need to go listen to it. But I agree with some of the other top lyrics, especially Nirvana, Bob Marley and Coldplay … lyrics and the songs that contain them do such a good job of evoking memories, don’t they? Even Tupac & Snoop … California Love always reminds me college and my roommate Angie.

I have Coldplay in my head right now … “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you …”

Update: I just listened to “One” on Yahoo Launch. Here’s the lyrics. I agree with U2, it’s not really a love song. It’s more sad than anything, especially with the video that shows buffalo running and the ending photo of the buffalo being driven off a cliff. Those big, noble beasts that conjure up America’s natural innocence and the images of people destroying that.

I always liked “Beautiful Day” myself … I’m listening to that now. Here’s those lyrics. It’s more hopeful, telling you that it’s never too late to experience life and the world, even if you feel like you’re stuck somewhere or that you might not deserve to. It’s colorful too. The words evoke colors.

Love songs though … I’m a sucker for Bob Marley. “Is This Love” is the best one.

I wanna know, wanna know, wanna know now
I got to know, got to know, got to know now

I, I’m willing and able
So I throw my cards on your table
I wanna love you
I wanna love and treat you right
I wanna love you every day and every night
We’ll be together with a roof right over our heads
We’ll share the shelter of my single bed
We’ll share the same room, oh, Jah provide the bread

Is this love, is this love,
Is this love, is this love that I’m feelin?

By the way, I was picking other U2 songs to listen to, “With or Without You”, and now Guns N Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle” just came on. Ahhh … now there are some memories from that. My sixth grade birthday party!! We went rollerskating and I *gasp* invited boys to it.

Seriously, I amuse myself to no end. 😉

By the way, one of my newer favorite songs is Rise Against’s “Swing Life Away” … I always end up humming it. Especially the line about comparing scars and telling each who’s is worse. It reminds me of rugby and post-game comparisons with all of my friends.


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  1. =-wes

    Speaking of Misc. & meaningless rugby tidbits and factoids (<-- great word by the way "factoid") - (and I'll date myself a little here)... My college rugby team was in Las Vegas playing match when Tupac was shot! The comments were incredible when we got back home... 'did you do it' kinda stuff.. well anyway, it is much funnier in my own mind than it is on paper... ha -

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