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Some recent scores and upcoming camps that have passed through the Saturday’s A Rugby Day inbox as of late …

• There’s two Mid-Atlantic RFU 7s camps coming up for senior and collegiate women …

To all interested MARFU Women:
There will be two Open Invite 7s Camps on June 18th and June 25th. These 2 camps are open invite camps for all interested senior and collegiate women. Since MARFU 15s is running into June we are holding two camps…I am hoping all interested players can attend one of the camps. But feel free to attend both if you are available!

These camps are going to be used for MARFU 7s selections but all interested collegiate and senior women are encouraged to attend even if your goal is simply to develop your 7s skills and incease your knowledge of the game.

Women’s MARFU Open Camp Schedule
Date Event Time Location
June 18th Open Camp 1a 10:00am-2pm TBD
June 25th Open Camp 1b 10:00am-2pm TBD (DC Area since PAC 7s is on Saturday, June 24th)

Attending one of the camps is highly encouraged if you want to play for MARFU at Cape Fear or at ITTs.

Women’s MARFU All Star Schedule
Date Event Location
July 1st/2nd Cape Fear Wilmington, NC
July 29th Mandatory Camp TBD
Aug. 26th/27th National All Stars Wisconsin

Please call or email me (Chris Harvey) if you are interested in attending either of the two camps. I will send you the camp locations once they are finalized.

Chris Harvey

Club and LAU leaders please distribute this message to your respective list serves.

• Dartmouth defeated Yale only a week after narrowly losing to Bulldog women at the Ivy Tournament.

It is not uncommon to see women on the Dartmouth rugby team sporting black eyes while walking around campus.

In Sunday’s match against Yale, the rugby team dominated the Bulldogs 34-12 at Brophy Field.

After the match, Katie Moerlein ’08 was asked about the black eye she acquired.

Moerlein said, nonchalantly, “Oh, I didn’t even realize I had one; it’s probably old anyway.”

• Scores from the Midwest … this weekend the Division II Women’s Midwest Championship matches No. 1 seed Cincinnati-Dayton vs. No. 4 seed Detroit & No. 2 seed Minneapolis Menagerie vs. No. 3 seed Buffalo in Chicago.

Also, last weekend’s results for HS Girls in the Midwest …

High School Girls – League:
Berkley – 22 vs. Grosse Pointe – 15

Edina – 30 vs. Burnsville – 10
Minnetonka – 30 vs. Faribault – 5
Orono – 54 vs. South Tigers – 0
Southside – 31 vs. North Metro – 15
Wayzata Fillies – 5 vs. Hastings – 0

And from two weeks past in the Midwest …

Women’s Division II Wild Card Playoff:
*Pittsburgh Angels – 31 vs. Milwaukee Scylla – 11

Non-league – Women (including Collegiate):
*Cincinnati-Dayton – 92 vs. Ohio University – 5
*Ohio State University – 7 vs. Army – 5
*Ohio State University – 31 vs. Scioto Valley – 3
*Westerville High School – 37 vs. Ohio State University ‘B’ – 14

U23 Women’s LAU All Star Tournament:
Tier I:
*Minnesota – 17 vs. Wisconsin – 11
3rd Place:
*Iowa beat Allegheny

*Wisconsin beat Iowa
*Minnesota beat Allegheny

Tier II:
*Illinois – 17 vs. Indiana – 0
*Illinois – 26 vs. CARFU – 5
*Illinois – 8 vs. Michigan – 5 (overtime)

High School Girls – League:
*Lakeview – 5 vs. Livingston – 5
*Lakeview – 19 vs. Traverse City – 12
*Troy – 54 vs. Grosse Pointe – 0

Non-league High School Girls:
*Mon River Maniacs – 37 vs. Fox Chapel – 0

And this is from three weeks ago in the Midwest …

High School Girls – League:
*Livingston – 22 vs. Berkley – 5
*Traverse City – 7 vs. Grosse Pointe – 0
*Troy – 29 vs. Grosse Pointe – 9

Non-league High School Girls:
*Mon River Maniacs – 12 vs. Langley – 0 (Sunday)
*St. Peters Catholic, Canada – 5 vs. Mon River Maniacs – 0 (Saturday)
Both matches at the Maryland Youth Rugby Festival

• On the international front, England’s Selects defeated the Swedish National Women’s team 36-5.

Image: Dartmouth Women’s Rugby



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