"What’s the Soup du Jour?"

“Soup of the day. … Oh, that sounds good, I’ll have that.”

Going to bed now. Easter was a good day. My family is, as always, amusing on holidays and we ate lots of good food. I also *finally* filed my taxes with the help of my personal accountant … my mom. 🙂 And no, don’t feel any shame about that. Nope.

Anyway, just remembered a funny story from this Saturday. We had been working on some new lineouts and needed to figure out the calls. But we opted to decide each lineout before it set and then Nicole aka Goose, who’s doing throw-ins for now, would just yell gibberish. And she had worked all night, so lack of sleep made it particularly funny. Mad Giggling later ensued when we opted to use movie lines from Dumb & Dumber, Wedding Crashers and the like.

“Our Pets’ Heads are Falling OFF!!”

“Here Pretty Bird, Pretty Bird!”

“Because I’dddddd finnnnddd yooooouuuu!”

Later, at the third half, we decided it would be even better if she started it and I answered from the line before I moved. For example … “Mock – YEAH – Ing – YEAH – Bird – YEAH – Yeah – YEAH!!” One suggestion from one of our guys was “You Complete Me! You Had me at Hello!”

Hilarious really and possibly distracting for the defense! Eagles – Have you all thought about this? I think we could be on to something good here. 😉

And do photos ever look good when you hold the camera yourself?! Nicole & Blondie at Whiskey 10s last month.



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  1. rachel

    I love the quotes as lineout calls! in college we used to do “excuse me, stewardess, I speak jive”.

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