"Not playing has had a massively detrimental effect on my life."

Injuries force Jonny to change attitude
Last Modified: 16 Apr 2006
Source: ITN

World Cup hero Jonny Wilkinson admits his two-year run of injuries has affected his mentality.

The 27-year-old scrum-half has started his latest comeback by playing the second half of Newcastle Falcons’ 32-21 win over Sale Sharks and now he is taking a cautious attitude in training.

Wilkinson said: “I’ve been desperate to come back but I’ve actually torn the groin two or three times since November so my comeback is a little bit later, maybe a month or so, than had been planned.

“I have to reduce some of the training I’ve done in the past because I just can’t do it any more. Some people may call it age but for me it’s down to the injuries.

“Sometimes I need to realise that I will wake up in the morning and just won’t have it in me to go out and smash balls on the training field all day and risk not playing at the weekend. Not playing has had a massively detrimental effect on my life.”

Wilkinson was famed for his meticulous attitude in training and he has found his body can no longer cope with such a strict regime.

He added: “I wasn’t able to kick yesterday and one lesson from all this is that life has to change for me a little bit. This time I’m just going to take it one game at a time and use the end of this season as a bit of a springboard.

“It was a lovely day to be playing rugby against an ambitious team like Sale that enables both sides to play the sort of rugby they want to play.

“I’m a bit sore because I was thrown in at the deep end having not had much contact in training. I’m taking it one day at a time but I was desperately keen to get back. It felt good.”

Jonny – if you read Saturday’s A Rugby Day, I’m pretty sure I could round up a few women’s players to help you through the tough times. 😉



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