No contest pleas in California coaches’ rugby assault

Almost a year later, pleas are entered. I posted about this assault case earlier here and wrote:

Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Assault Case Not Helping Rugby’s Respect & Legitimacy
An update on the Rohnert Park Rugby Assault case. The two men charged with felony assault have waived their right to a preliminary hearing.

If you never heard about this, here’s one of the original articles from last May. Two coaches and a referee were beaten by a group of adults, followed by escalating fighting which spread down to the girls playing rugby that day.

Almost mob-mentality fighting at a youth game. What a pitiful example by supposed role models. I also wonder about the greater fallout for rugby in that area of California, like if some of those girls’ parents didn’t remove their child from playing or if either of the teams were banned, lost sponsors.

And now two men have entered pleas of No Contest. But how much has this hurt rugby, beyond just physical wounds, in that area of California and especially for girls who want to play?



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