Enjoy Your Sunday!

It’s a rainy, overcast Easter Sunday here in Wisconsin as I sit here on my bed blogging to all of you.

My cat, Jib, is sitting on the end of my bed watching out his favorite window for birds, chipmunks, squirrels and rabbits. Our neighbor – my sister and I refer to her as “Crazy Old Lady” – covers her back yard in bird seed, so the woodland creatures love it and grow husky, while torturing my cat who dreams of hunting. The birds today are singing, they seem to like the rain. And it feels very springy here. Very green outside. I like it.

Yesterday was a good day. Our mix-it-up game turned out to be quite competitive with a full side from my team, the Wisconsin Women, playing a mixed team of Iowa Women, Dubuque Women, Green Bay Women, UW-Parkside Women and UW-Madison Women. I even scored a try … a rare occurrence, but that might change now that my coach is moving me to flanker. We’ll see.

Also went to the Badger Women’s Hockey Banquet, where my date and I ate way too much food, after just leaving the third half where we ate after my game. Needless to say, we were stuffed. But there was really delicious cheesecake. It was nice to catch up with the hockey crew, see all the hardware – 4 big trophies! (WCHA Reg. Season Champs, WCHA Playoff Champs, NCAA Champs & Patty Kaz Award Winner for the best women’s hockey player in the nation) – and hear how the year came together for the team.

We also returned to find the third half still going strong with some karoake at our sponsor bar, Wilson’s, and some Wisconsin ruggers still partying 11 hours after kickoff.

Gotta go check in with the family and see about some yummy easter food. Later!


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