They are the "Magical Fruit" After All …

Ha! This is awesome. Thanks Jen! I also want to see this commercial!

Every 10-year-old kid knows that…
JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – It’s a “factual reality” that beans make you break wind, says South Africa’s advertising watchdog.

A TV advert for sweet onions showed a rugby player eating beans that made him smell “stinky.” The advert claims that “with sweet onions there are no tears, no burn and definitely no stink.”

The country’s Dry Bean Producers Organization complained about the advert on the basis that the “stinky” charge was untrue but the Advertising Standards Authority threw out the charge and said it was widely known that beans produce gas.

“It plays on an objectively determinable factual reality which cannot be denied…” the ASA said on its Web site.

Jen sent this to me with a subject that read “Take note: Rugby players should eat sweet onions, not beans”.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA! It’s even better that the Dry Bean Producers Organization tried to tell everyone that the stinky claim wasn’t true. Ha!

Update: Nina in Germany found the site of the onion growers and the rugby team they sponsor. These are the onions we should all be eating to smell pretty. 😉

Still no sign of the commercial though. Damn!



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One response to “They are the "Magical Fruit" After All …

  1. mutantin

    the onion farm is the sponsor of a rugby team:
    haven’t found the video yet though.

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