Even the World’s Best Need to Train …

A brief piece on New Zealand All Blacks mega-star Jonah Lomu and how he’s training with sprinters to gain back his form for a shot at the NZ national team.

It’s just a reminder that everyone’s got to work to achieve.

Image: MSN Encarta


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One response to “Even the World’s Best Need to Train …

  1. =-wes

    Big B!

    Love reading motivational stories. This one hit the spot. It got me to push my fitness at last nights practice to where I was outsprinting the backs! Thank you!

    I also wanted to give you another great link for fitness!


    Dan John is not Rugby specific (he is actually a track – shot and disk – coach), but many many rugby players subscribe to his training principles… and it’s free to anyone (unlike many rugby fitness sites)… There is also good diet info on there. Overall it’s the best strength training site that I know of, and thought your readers might like to check it out!

    .. btw your brothers inspirations are really great!

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