USA Rugby Division I & II Women’s College Playoffs Set

USA Rugby announced the playoff brackets for the D-I and D-II women’s college playoffs that start next Friday, April 21.

4-10-2006 – D-I & II College Playoff Fields Set
BOULDER—The fields for both the USA Rugby Division I & II Men’s and Women’s College Playoffs have been finalized as the 2006 USA Rugby Championship season officially kicks off April 21 in both Berkeley, Calif. and West Point, N.Y.

Forty-eight teams at five sites will play for the right to advance to their respective championships, May 5-6 at Stanford where the men’s and women’s Division I as well as men’s Division II title matches will be televised by College Sports Television (CSTV) on a tape-delayed basis.

In Women’s D-I, there are a lot of familiar faces in the playoffs.

The same similarity can be said for the women’s bracket with 13 of 16 teams retuning from last year’s playoffs. The USA Rugby Division I Women’s College Playoffs will feature Stanford, West Chester, North Carolina and Princeton in Pool A and Air Force, Cal, Central Florida and Navy in Pool D in Gainesville, Fla., while Pools B (Ohio State, UC Santa Barbara, Radcliffe, Virginia) and C (Penn State, Northern Iowa, Army, Chico State) will meet in State College, Pa. Stanford won its second USA Rugby title a year ago on its home turf, holding off then-defending champion Penn State. Navy and Princeton tied for third.

In D-II though, only two teams are returning qualifiers.

All USA Rugby Division II Men’s and Division II Women’s College Playoff action will be decided at the Seminole County Sports Training Center in Sanford, Fla. April 22-23. The eight qualifying men’s teams include Northern Colorado, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Arkansas State and Claremont (Calif.) in Pool A and Salisbury (Md.), Humboldt State (Calif.), Coast Guard and Georgia Southern in Pool B. Northern Colorado is the defending champion while Salisbury won in ’04, but did not make the tournament a year ago. Coast Guard and Humboldt State also played in ’05.

The field of eight in the women’s competition will have Plymouth (N.H.)State, Maryland, Claremont and Georgia in Pool A and UC Santa Cruz, Mary Washington (Va.), Denison (Ohio) and Northeastern on the other side of the bracket in Pool B. An almost entirely new field, Mary Washington and Central Florida are the only repeat teams from 2005.

Here’s the schedules …

USA Rugby Division I Women’s College Playoffs, April 22-23
University Village South & Southwest Fields, Gainesville, Fla.(University of Florida, Host)
Saturday, April 22
10 a.m.-POOL D: Navy (4) vs. Central Florida (13)
10:30 a.m.-POOL D: Air Force (5) vs. Cal (12)
12 p.m.-POOL A: Princeton (8) vs. North Carolina (9)
12:30 p.m.-POOL A: Stanford (1) vs. West Chester (16)
Sunday, April 23
10 a.m.-POOL D: Central Florida/Navy Loser vs. Air Force/Cal Loser
10:30 a.m.-POOL A: UNC/Princeton Loser vs. Stanford/West Chester Loser
12 p.m.-POOL D: Central Florida./Navy Winner vs. Air Force/Cal Winner
12:30 p.m.-POOL A: UNC/Princeton Winner vs. Stanford/West Chester Winner
East Campus Fields, State College, Pa. (Penn State University, Host)
Saturday, April 22
9 a.m.–POOL B: Virginia (2) vs. Radcliffe (15)
9:30 a.m.-POOL B: Ohio State (7) vs. UC Santa Barbara (10)
11 a.m.-POOL C: Penn State (3) vs. Northern Iowa (14)
11:30 a.m.-POOL C: Chico State (6) vs. Army (11)
Sunday, April 23
10 a.m.-POOL B: Radcliffe/Virginia Loser vs. Ohio State/UCSB Loser
10:30 a.m.-POOL C: Penn State/UNI Loser vs. Chico State/Army Loser
12 p.m.-POOL B: Radcliffe/Virginia Winner vs. Ohio State/UCSB Winner
12:30 p.m.-POOL C: Penn State/UNI Winner vs. Chico State/Army Winner

USA Rugby Division II Women’s College Playoffs, April 22-23
Seminole County Sports Training Center, Sanford, Fla.(Central Florida Sports Commission, Orlando Rugby Club & Florida Sports Foundation, Hosts)
Saturday, April 22
11 a.m.-POOL A: Maryland (4) vs. Georgia (5)
11:30 a.m.-POOL A: Plymouth State (1) vs. Claremont (8)
3 p.m.–POOL B: Mary Washington (2) vs. Northeastern (7)
3:30 p.m.-POOL B: UC Santa Cruz (3) vs. Denison (6)
Sunday, April 23
9:30 a.m.–POOL A: Georgia/Maryland Loser vs. Plymouth/Claremont Loser
11:30 a.m.-POOL B: Northeastern/Mary Washington Loser vs. UC Santa Cruz/Denison Loser
1:30 p.m.-POOL A: Georgia/Maryland Winner vs. Plymouth/Claremont Winner
3:30 p.m.-POOL B: Northeastern/Mary Washington Winner vs. UC Santa Cruz/Denison Winner

Division I & II Men’s and Women’s College Championships, USA RUGBY Division I & II Men’s and Women’s College Championships, May 5-6
Steuber Rugby Stadium, Stanford, Calif. (USA Rugby, Host)
Friday, May 5
10 a.m.-Division I Women’s Semifinals: Winner Pool A vs. Winner Pool D
12 p.m.-Division I Women’s Semifinals: Winner Pool B vs. Winner Pool C
2 p.m.–Division I Men’ s Semifinals: Winner Pool A vs. Winner Pool D
4 p.m.–Division I Men’s Semifinals: Winner Pool B vs. Winner Pool C
Saturday, May 6
10 a.m.-Division II Women’s Final: Winner Pool A vs. Winner Pool B
12 p.m.-Division I Women’s Final: Pool A/D Winner vs. Pool B/C Winner (CSTV, Tape Delay)
2:15 p.m.-Division II Men’s Final: Winner Pool A vs. Winner Pool B (CSTV, Tape Delay)
4:30 p.m.-Division I Men’s Final: Pool A/D Winner vs. Pool B/C Winner (CSTV, Tape Delay)

There’s also a note here about Penn State’s hotel availability due to a PSU Football Game.

I also received an e-mail from Kerri at UCSC and they are looking for some help in funding their trip to Florida for the Playoffs, along with some scores to share.

Howdy, my name is Kerrie Kubo and I play for UC Santa Cruz’s WRFC and well first off just wanted to drop a line about the pacific coast regionals that took place last weekend in oregon… official scores according to NCRFU are as follows:

In Oregon :
WESTERN OREGON 22 – St. Mary’s 0
UC SANTA CRUZ 45 – St. Mary’s 5
UC SANTA CRUZ 34 – Western Oregon 24

So yea we’re going to Elite 8s in Florida in…incidently…8 days. Erm is there any way you might be able to mention the fact that we’re kind of looking for quick donations so we can send a full side and represent Norcal that’d be awesome…er or any suggestions you might have for raising 15,000 dollars in basically a week. Any
help would be greatly appreciated.
-Sincerely, Kerrie Kubo

So if you want to help UC-Santa Cruz (the banana slugs, right?) travel to Florida for playoffs, e-mail Kerri at And Kerri, I’m guessing your holding some type of fundraisers, right? So, feel free to let us know about those in case any California readers can partake. My only suggestions are tell everyone you know, family, friends, students, etc. And start busting your butts in some fundraising …

If any readers have ideas to help playoff-bound teams raise funds, leave them in the comments. I’ll add them to our Fundraising Post on the sidebar as well.

Also, speaking of college teams, here’s an update on the IUP Scooters. I just like their name … Go Scooters!



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