Our 5,000th Visitor!!

Someone … you know who you are … in New York City in the State of New York at 9:57 a.m. CT (10:57 a.m. ET) … you lucky duck.

You were the 5,000th visitor to Saturday’s A Rugby Day!

In your honor, I am drinking a Diet Mt. Dew and eating Reese’s Pieces easter candy in lovely pastel shades of candy-coated peanut buttery goodness. I also just ate a deformed one that looked like a bunny head. Not kidding. Still tastes good though.

Please know that if you were here in Wisconsin with me, I would have let you eat that deformed one. 🙂


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One response to “Our 5,000th Visitor!!

  1. Zora

    I thought it was me when I read New York City..then I saw the time..I definitely was not up before 10:00 AM today, its spring break!…haha yay for whoever was up!!!

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