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From the Saturday’s A Rugby Day Inbox …

• Liz, a Berkeley All-Blue in California, writes …

Hi hi!
Greetings from California! My name is Liz — I play for the All Blues and was one of the alums who was fortunate enough to go with Brown to Uganda! Thank you so much for creating this blog and for upkeeping it SO well!!! 🙂 I’ll do my best to send you scores from things I’m involved in. Rock on!

One site for you: has all the Northern California rugby happenings (it’s our referee’s society).

I wanted to pass along some results from the Pac Coast college playoffs this weekend. I don’t know all the scores, unfortunately, but overall it was a great weekend of rugby.

Final: Stanford 33 – Chico 28 (Stanford is Pac Coast #1, Chic is Pac Coast #2) — AMAZING match! Stanford pulled away in the second half to take a (roughly) 33-11 lead, but Chico stormed back to within a try with a very inspired rally. They came super close to tying it, driving down within Stanford’s 22 in the last 3 minutes, but Stanford managed to hold them off to seal the win. It was quite a match and will hopefully help prepare both teams for Sweet Sixteens in a couple of weeks!

Third Place: Cal over UC Davis 41-0 (Cal is Pac Coast #3). This was also an exciting match! Only the winner was going to advance to Sweet Sixteens and Davis had beat Cal during their league play earlier in the season. Cal came out on fire from the minute the whistle blew in this match and scored early and often in the first half to take a fast lead.

Stanford over Reno
Cal over Oregon (54-13)
Chico over Oregon State
Davis over Reed (31-5)

Again, thanks for your hard work on the blog. If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know!

Thank you Liz for sending in the scores. I’ll add the link to the sidebar next time I’m updating.

• Also in California, Belmont Shore 10 vs Surfers 5, Santa Monica 80 vs Riverside 0

• Flem in Boston also sent in more news on the NOVA – Boston Challenge Match I posted here yesterday.

hey blondie! it’s true, NOVA took the NRU’s fourth seed from us, just like we won it from them last year. It was an extremely hard-fought match, and both teams played very well. I unfortunately had a great view of the action from the sidelines because i’m out with a concussion. Our tries were by Erin Broderick (lock), Jenn Jones (prop), and Caro Ruiz (8 man). Erin Broderick in particular had an awesome game- she stole our first kickoff of the game back from NOVA, and a few minutes later blocked a kick by NOVA’s flyhalf within their 10, grabbed the ball and scored in the corner. Some other highlights were great counters by our fullback Meagan Johnson, insane ball-poaching action from our hooker Di Parkhurst, and a few blistering runs by our winger Emily Malkin. Of course, we’re not happy to have lost the seed, but we have a really young team and it was great to see things coming together. We’re putting the loss behind us so we can focus on Saturday’s game against our arch-rivals, Beantown. 🙂

thanks for all the rugby news, it’s great!



ps- our scrumhalf ashley is blair groesfma’s big sis…the rugby world is small!

Thanks Flem and take care of your noggin.

• OU updated their site with a release on the Roses’ 2nd place finish in the West College Championships. See it here and pics are posted here. As always, the OU Roses are a great example of how easy it is to promote your team with up-to-date results readily available. Keep up the good work girls.

• In other O-School News, the Ohio State University women’s team beat Army 7-5 Saturday.

• Also, I thought this score was a typo in a men’s game, but the Boston Irish Wolfhounds defeated Pittsburgh 157-0. That is 23 tries. It was a playoff game, so obviously there is a good reason to make it a decisive win and have some padding, but hey Boston, there is such a thing as overkill.


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