Women’s Rugby Scores & More …

Leave your scores and recaps in the comments, please. Here’s what I have so far …

• Big senior D-I women’s game between the Austin Valkyries and Atlanta Harlequins on Saturday. Valks are working to step up play to keep pace with the big guns. Jen in MN e-mailed me looking for the score, b/c nobody’s posted it. Lucky for all of us, fellow blogger Amy in Texas is a Valk and was on the sideline. No score posted yet, but Amy says the Harlequins won, but Valks played hard. Nice rugby photo, Amy!

Update: In the comments, Annie provides us with some more details from the Quins.

• In other D-I senior women’s action, the Wisconsin Women (my team!) played the Chicago Women at home to help Chi-town prepare for next weekend’s challenge match against the Philly Women. The weather was great and our field newly lined by yours truly and five of my awesome teammates, including Elina and her kickass walking-measuring stick.

Chicago beat us 4 tries to 1 (and sorry, I was a bit busy flanking to remember if we made conversions), but our team (in my opinion) gave them quite a good warm-up for Philly. We had several new inexperienced players, people at brand new positions, and a new coach with a new system, but it was quite a game. I am stoked for the rest of our spring games and next fall’s league season. 😉 Good luck next weekend Chicago, keep that fourth Midwest Sweet 16 seed here at home.

• Speaking of challenge matchs, from MARFU’s listserve:

NOVA defeated Boston Saturday in their challenge match – 36-15. MARFU now has two slots in the Women’s Club Round of 16 and the NRU now has three slots. The MARFU slot earned today is seeded at #16. All the TUs will be playing their league schedules in the fall for the Round of 16 which is scheduled for the end of October with the finals in November so there are no guarantees that NOVA is “in” nor Boston is “out”. That is still to be determined locally. Congrats to NOVA!

• Hedwig in New York also e-mailed in NYRC results: NY Senior Side 26 – Washington Furies ‘A’ 6 and NY Development Side 33 – Washington Furies ‘B’ 0.

The weather was miserable down in DC, mud stuck to your boots and jersey, and it was cold and wet all day. Nonetheless, the two sides braved the elements. New York saw the return of Phaidra Knight (back from eye injury on the Eagle UK tour) and Keenya Warner (back from calf injury). The Furies, led by captain Holly Gaff, took an early lead with a booming penalty kick, and New York had to work hard for its subsequent tries. But New York showed nice variety in its attack with a score from a lineout drive, a counterattack, some hard punching forward play and a nicely crafted backs move.

The second sides saw the furies captain do some very capable refereeing, and both of these sides FINALLY got to warm up with a heated match-up of team depth. New York showed a bit more experience and finished off the day with a 33-0 win.

• At the West Collegiate Playoffs, Wendy e-mailed me that seventh-seeded Oklahoma defeated Colorado University 15-10 and the University of Northern Colorado 8-7 to advance to Sunday’s final vs. top-seeded Air Force (wins over Truman State and Univ. of New Mexico). Air Force claimed the Championship with a 23-3 win over OU.

“The cinderella story is complete, a lot of teams said Oklahoma didn’t deserve to be there, that they were just given a spot because they were hosting the tournament. In the end Oklahoma faced a fit Air Force team that is very disciplined and organized. Oklahoma played hard the whole weekend with only three subs but was able to travel all the way to the Final on sunday. … Good luck to Air Force…represent the West with all you have. We would have loved to have the opportunity.”

Hey, keep your head up OU Women, 2nd place is a good stepping stone to where you want to be.

Also, Texas A&M placed 3rd defeating University of New Mexico 33-0, who placed 4th.

• The Midwest held it’s Under-23 LAU Tournament this weekend too. U-23 Coach Tom Schmitt e-mailed this out:

Captained by Anne Vassar (Lacrosse ) the Wisconsin U-23’s defeated Iowa 24-10 to advance to the Midwest Final against Minnesota.

Tries were scored by Terren Korth,(Eau Claire) Stephanie Luckey,(Lacrosse) Laura Johnson (Marquette) and Robiy Wells (Lacrosse) three conversions and a penalty were added by Natalie Mills, (Marquette)

In a game that had three lead changes, Wisconsin fell to Minnesota 17-11 in heartbreaker giving up the winning try in the final minute. Wisconsin had its opportunities but Minnesota stiffened near the goal line. Two penalties kicks by Mills, and a try by Co-Captain Sylvia Braaten (Marquette) made up Wisconsin’s scoring.

Coming back from a thumping in last years final, Wisconsin showed its maturity and “rugby smarts.” in this years two games. We will win many games as this group grows together.

Thanks to the fighting turtles, the high school programs that gave us some of our new stars, to the coaches of every school in Wisconsin that put their players in a position to contribute, to Gray Zischke for keeping score and taking stats and to the Minnesota Women’s U-23 for giving us a clear goal for next year.

The 2006 Wisconsin U-23 roster is below.

Tom Schmitt
Wisconsin U-23’s AKA, Mr Bubble’s
Anne Vassar-Captain
Sylvia Braaten Co-Captain

Jodi Barrett
Brittany Biedenbender
Kathy Cebe
Anne David
Amanda Evenstone
Connie Fierke
Laura Flynn
Robin Friese
Hallie Fry
Anna Gibson
Maureen gallaghar
Amanda Hanuszak
Laura Johnson
Amanda Karch
Terren Korth
Stephanie Luckey
Stephanie Maule
Jess Meuller
Natilie Mills
Maggie Perdzack
Aletha Peterson
Marcy Reynolds
Kosmena Sherringtom
Maggie Sketch
Allison Sladek
Stephanie Vainisi
Robyn Wells

Nice Job ladies! I know how hard you worked at the camps and scrimmage in Madison two weeks ago.

• Also, great job to our senior men’s team, the Wisconsin Rugby Club, who had their playoff game down in Muscatine, Iowa this weekend. The guys were supposed to play Louisville Saturday, then a second game Sunday (hopefully an advance). But Louisville and the fourth team both backed out, and our guys played top-seed Pearl City on Saturday. Despite holding their own in the first half, including a 14-12 lead, Pearl City started kicking and sending it wide to their backline (reportedly some speedy foreign players here on contract?) and racked up some quick tries to end the WRC playoff run. Great game, guys!

Update: I think I missed this e-mail early last week when I was getting ready for the Frozen Four. Emily in NJ says “the Division II Morris Women opened the season with a 62-5 win over the young CT Yankees. It was a great show of teamwork, with 7 women scoring!”

And, Emily is super quick because just as I was about to close my e-mail this morning, this appeared: “In Div 2 news, Morris Women beat Albany 12-10 in the bitter cold of Upstate NY April (though, luckily, without rain!!)”. Thanks Emily.




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2 responses to “Women’s Rugby Scores & More …

  1. Emily

    In Div 2 news, Morris Women beat Albany 12-10 in the bitter cold of Upstate NY April (though, luckily, without rain!!)

  2. annie

    hey there – just a bit more qualitative info on the atlanta v austin match-up from one harlequin’s perspective. first of all, a BIG WARM THANKS to austin for being terrific hosts! we had bags of candy, cut fruit, muffins, beers and margaritas aplenty awaiting us, a palatial house for all of us to stay in, and assigned DDs ready to drive us wherever, whenever. probably the best hosting experience i’ve had with rugby. thanks! austin played a solid match. their forwards were great – they scored off a lineout-turned-maul and their fullback heidi had some great breaks but eventually had to leave the game with a broken collarbone. it was our first tough match of the season, and i think we stepped up well to the challenge. the bright spot of the day in my opinion was having ellie karvoski don a harlequins jersey for the first time! even though she played flanker, she still managed to score at least half if not more of our tries on the day.

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