Super Spring-y Rugby Bits & Bites

In celebration of the super nice spring weather outside, I changed my little yahoo cartoon to a spring-easter theme.

And yes, I fully admit that this cartoon is like a little computerized barbie doll of myself. I like picking out the different outfits and backgrounds. And yes, I am a dork. 😉 But a fashionable dork, okay?!

But hey, on to the news you adorable rugby hotties.

• More on Brown’s tour to Uganda from College Sports TV via the Brown Daily Herald. Also, a recap of Uganda’s Kyadondo International Women’s 7s Tournament that Brown played in.

• The Fijian Women’s Rugby National Team will play its first-ever test match next Saturday in Tonga. And the youngest player had to hide her rugby training from her mom! Makes me feel lucky my mom just marvels over my pretty purple cleat marks.

• Remember that women’s rugby museum exhibition? It’s drawing solid attendance numbers.

Some of the most popular exhibits are proving to be the hands on displays, including the interactive video footage of previous World Cups and the audio recording of England legend Gill Burns. Younger visitors in particular have enjoyed the life size cardboard models of England players and many visitors have been surprised by the length of time women have been playing the game.

The exhibits are also provoking feelings of nostalgia in some older visitors. Said one elderly female visitor, “Seeing the exhibition took me back to my childhood when I tried to play rugby at school in the 1930s.”

As well as local residents and rugby enthusiasts, the exhibition is attracting international visitors from around the world, including touring clubs from Canada and Sweden. Their enthusiasm is reflected in the visitors book; “Women’s rugby is a beautiful sport. Live rugby, life is rugby!” was one comment left by a visiting Spanish club; “Rugby is the greatest and the most fascinating sport. We love playing rugby!” came from a Swedish women’s team.

• Also on the international front, Australia wants to start a World Series of rugby to be played each year (presumably just men’s for the start). The Aussies will look to their New Zealand neighbors for extra support in this.

• Some more scores & results via my e-mail … Vassar “dismantled” Providence 40-5 and an article on Princeton and fellow MARFU teams all looking for the 2006 national women’s collegiate rugby championship.

• Lee’s provided some additional thoughts on scrumhalf communication during games. This is good stuff, Lee. Thanks!



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