May 6: Eagles to Play Midwest, West

I’ve mentioned it before, but here’s the official notice from WomenEagles about the May 6 matches in Blaine, Minnesota (just outside Twin Cities) …

The USA Eagles will play the Midwest Territorial Select Side and the USA A squad will play the West Territorial Select Side on May 6 in Blaine, MN. All WNT pool players will play for their respective territories, with the exception of Pam Kosanke, Jen Sinkler, Chris Trucano and Kristin Zdanczweicz who will play for the USA squads as listed below.

The invited players will be confirming by Friday, April 10, 2006.

Tentative Schedule:
Thursday, May 4, 2006: Arrival
Friday, May 5, 2006: Practice at the National Sports Center (NSC) in Blaine, MN (2 practice sessions).
Saturday, May 6, 2006: Matches. USA Eagles vs. Midwest; USA A vs. West.
Sunday, May 7, 2006: Group meeting to discuss Saturday matches. Departure after 12 Noon.

Congratulations to the following players (in alphabetical order):
Hedwig Aerts
Kristen Baja
Claudia Braymer
Jaime Burke
Laura Cabrera
Erin Carter
Annie Collier
Jen Crouse
Carrie Dubray
Ashley English
Heather Hale
Kristin Zdanczewicz
Patty Jervey
Ellie Karvoski
Lee Knight
Phaidra Knight
Pam Kosanke
Laura McDonald
Danielle Miller
Pat Neder
Tina Nesberg
Kate Pope
Jen Sinkler
Mari Wallace
Keenya Warner

USA A Squad
Kristen Aerts
Olivia Anglade
Annie Antar
Stacy Bennett
Rebecca Brafman
Stephanie Bruce
Lisa Butts
Brenna Costello
Kate Cox
Erin Diehl
Jessica Houser
Heather Jennings
Mel Kanuk
Kim Magrini
Katie McCallum
Sara Merritt
Liz Snodgrass
Chris Trucano
Lara Vivolo
Kitt Wagner
Courtney Warner
Maura Weikman
Kelly White

My teammates, Kelly (Pinkie) and Goose (Nicole) will be donning their Midwest Thunderbird green & yellow for that weekend too, in addition to some of our WWRFC alums.




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2 responses to “May 6: Eagles to Play Midwest, West

  1. West Women's Rugby Blog

    #7 Oklahoma Advances to Finals vs. #1 Air Force
    I don’t have most of the scores for the weekend, but wanted to let you know that the FINAL for the Western Collegiate Championships will be tomorrow at 12:30.

    #7 OKLAHOMA vs. #1 AIR FORCE

    Oklahoma defeated Colorado University 15-10 and also defeated University of Northern Colorado 8-7.

    Air Force defeated Truman State and defeated University of New Mexico.

    I will have more results tomorrow.

  2. West Women's Rugby Blog

    More on Western Collegiates

    The cinderella story is complete, a lot of teams said Oklahoma didn’t deserve to be there, that they were just given a spot because they were hosting the tournament. In the end Oklahoma faced a fit Air Force team that is very disciplined and organized. Oklahoma played hard the whole weekend with only three subs but was able to travel all the way to the Final on sunday.

    Its too hard to write much now…as I am a member of the Oklahoma Roses…and I will just leave it at that. Our public relations guru will be sending out a press release shortly. Good luck to Air Force…represent the West with all you have. We would have loved to have the oppurtunity.

    #7 OU vs. #2 University of Colorado 15-10
    #7 OU vs. #6 University of Northern Colorado 8-7 WIN

    Final vs. Air Force
    #7 OU vs. #1 Air Force 23-3 LOSS

    Air Force places 1st and is the West Champions.
    OU took 2nd place and moves up in the West rankings.

    Texas A&M placed 3rd defeating University of New Mexico 33-0, who placed 4th.

    Will try to post scores for the whole tournament tomorrow.

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