Blondie is Busy at NCAA Frozen Four

Hi all – Sorry for the lack of blogging yesterday and today, but I’m down at the Bradley Center for the 2006 Men’s NCAA Frozen Four and don’t have time to hop on the net at all. Will try Friday. Have a good one and keep your fingers crossed for the Badgers!

Update: It’s almost one in the morning and I just got home from Milwaukee. I’m exhausted and we hit a monsoon of a rainstorm on the drive home in the dark. Not fun. But the men’s hockey team won their semi-final and will be playing Boston College for the NCAA title Saturday night. I’ll play my rugby game against the Chicago Women here in Madison, then drive right down for the pre-game.

Work-wise, I have probably walked 8 miles over the past two days around the Bradley Center running stats, quote sheets, hauling boxes of media guides and trying not to yell at reporters and photographers full of themselves who think they are actually charming and witty. I just keep quiet and smile a lot. I’ve also been eating quite well. The food has been good, plus there always munchies around to keep us all going. Probably too much caffeine though.

My main responsibility today was taking plus/minus stats for the “visiting” team, so Boston College (who beat North Dakota) and Maine (who lost to my Badgers!) were my teams today. I keep track of all the line changes and then each time a goal is scored, I submit my team’s line of players (not including the goalie) to our main statistician on the computer. If my team scored the goal, that line’s players get a plus. If they gave up a goal, a minus. This stat is used mainly for defenders, but can also show a strong line of players or weak combinations. Otherwise, I was just stepping in to trouble-shoot, help find people or direct the media and running lots and lots of statistics packets. An event like this, we’re basically wiping entire forests of paper. By the way, each game’s crowds today climbed over 17,000 and our media numbered around 300 for all credentials, which is 150 more than the typical men’s Frozen Four. And we have the whole gamut of media, from ESPN to Sports Illustrated on down to our local college newspaper reporters and guys from small town weekly papers in Northern Wisconsin. This also includes all the camera guys, photographers, radio broadcasters, etc. Just a packed house.

So, I’m going to go to bed now. My eyes are barely staying open and my feet are sore from dress heels, the hard floor of the Bradley Center and all my many miles walked yesterday and today.

G’night. Blog you all later.



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  1. =-wes

    If you go back on Monday, You’ll get to see Professional Wrestling!

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