Rugby Bits & Bytes

• NYRC & Eagle Scrumhalf Lee Knight provided some feedback for the college scrumhalf’s questions. Some great advice and in-game knowledge.

• An interesting article from the Fiji Times on a woman who grew up playing rugby, despite Fiji’s lack of national support for women’s rugby, and men who would “chase them home to cook”. Merewai Sokovata is still playing and hopes that the Fijianas can gain further support and respect in this small island country.

• My secret rugby blogging life has been further outed this weekend, but that’s okay. Thanks to Tom Schmitt, the former prez of the WI Union and current USA Rugby treasurer, for passing it on to all of our state, the Under-23 Select-Sides and everyone else and their mom. Including my pal Goosie, aka Nicole, who told me about and says she enjoys it. Thanks Tom and Goose.

• And in other cool rugby blogginess, our little rugbysphere has a new member, well actually, a whole new union. Oklahoma gal Wendy is starting a women’s rugby blog for the West Rugby Union. Be sure to check it out and I’ll add a link. I’m thinking I might need to post something on blogging for rugby and some tips for anyone else interested in starting one. I’ll have to work on that.

• Also, thanks to Hedwig, Flem, Amy, Lindsey, Utah State and Liz for adding a pin to my map. I’m now up to 23 pins. You can add one here, which would be spectacular.



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  1. West Women's Rugby Blog

    Thanks for the shout-out!

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