High Heels and Updates

Just for the record today, I am wearing a skirt and heels today. Let it be known that I dressed up and fought all of my basic instincts to want to wear blue jeans. *sigh*

And lots of e-mails/comments in the Saturday’s A Rugby Day inbox this morning.

• Flem from the Boston Women let me know that the Northeast Rugby Union web site doesn’t get updated too much, but that the NRU Women’s Selectside site is going strong. It’s been added to the sidebar under the Unions list. Check it out.

• A member of the Cleveland Ironmaidens sent me their link. I added you under D-II seniors (b/c I think that is what you ladies are now, right?)

• And Annie in Tennessee sent me two updates. First, she attended the Chula Vista camp …

hey there – camp was great. they brought in those of us who didn’t tour a day early to test (40m dash, agility circuit, olympic lifts) and run drills before the rest arrived. then we had a day to work together before our scrimmages, which were on saturday – one in the AM and one in the PM. we had mental skills sessions too, which were excellent. all in all – lots of learning, lots of great rugby, lots of fun!

And she also passed on updates for the Radcliffe women’s collegiate team

Radcliffe is on their spring break tour this week. They went to nash bash this past weekend in Nashville and beat northwest arkansas and cincinatti on saturday but lost to NOVA A sunday morning – NOVA A eventually won the tournament. they spent the rest of the week in atlanta, training with the harlequins. last night we (atlanta) scrimmaged them (radcliffe) in 4 20-min periods. i don’t have the score – atlanta came out strong and scored at least 3 tries in the first quarter and more throughout the game. radcliffe scored once or twice on tries and had one penalty kick. they (radcliffe) looked good – esp their scrums. we (atlanta) were missing several key players though – at least 4 that had been invited to chula vista didn’t make it to the scrimmage. we (atl) really relished the opportunity to play, to run through our game plan and get ready for our austin match april 8. good times. best of luck with the pinkie recovery!

Thanks Annie for the updates.

• Jennie from the Bull Moose RFC also wanted to share this with everyone … especially for any of you playing in the Met NY Union.

Please pass this information onto your club members and especially your coaches.
If your club or another you know host a rugby clinic please pass on this information and be sure to stress the need for low (non dangerous) tackles in the clinic.

Thank you
Women’s Representative

Subject: high tackling and dangerous tackling
Date: Sun, 02 Apr 2006 19:32:12 -0400

I am a referee for the referee society of NY. I recently refereed the
Fordham women vs. Yale women at Fordham. I wanted to open a discussion in
regards to high and dangerous tackling because it seemed that some sort of
further coaching for these teams is needed to maintain safety. After
penalizing and then warning each team that further high tackles would lead
to yellow cards, the unsafe tackling continued, resulting in three yellow
cards. This safety issue is a high priority for me, as any neck and head
injury is extremely dangerous and in this case, preventable.

I discussed this issue with TA Fitzpatrick from my referee society. On his
suggestion, I am emailing you and CCing Tony Brown to see if there is
anything that can be done to better train the players.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

So if your club or union is working on increasing safety in tackling, pass it on and open up discussion. This referee is absolutely correct, dangerous injuries like these are preventable and should be coached at all levels of play.

• The OU women’s college side is hosting the Western Collegiate Championships this weekend, with Men’s D-I and D-II games alongside the women’s action. OU will play the University of Colorado women at 8:30 a.m. Saturday.



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