Okay, in order of reception to my Saturday’s A Rugby Day inbox, I have added or changed the following in the sidebar thanks to all of you …

Zora – Stony Brook is in the college list. Once you have a site, I’ll add a link.

Jennifer – Texas link is added. Hook ’em Horns!

University of MD Women – you left a comment, but no URL. And I don’t know if that is Maryland or what?

Inessa – The College of New Jersey link is added. Ruck On right back at ya.

Lindsay in the South – Sorry that Mississippi State is on the low right now. Best of luck and glad to hear you are playing when you can. Good luck. If the Half Moons are back in action after Katrina, please let me know.

Corinna – Sienna College is added and keeping playing the higher Divisions II & I strong. Good luck!

Amy in Texas – Glad I found your blog. Best of luck in grad school too. And yes, definitely update us on the Valks versus Quins game.

Michelle – Utah State is added. Good luck with your new coaches & captains.

Emily – Morris College is added. Best of luck this spring.

Claire – Brookfield Bruisers are the official first link in the HS list. Send me other HS links if you have them. And good luck in Iowa this weekend!

Jenna – I added your alma mater team, Hamilton. Thanks for the link!

Ashleigh in the UK – I added Liverpool Hope under International Friends. When you get a site, send me the link. Good luck with your surgery and best of luck to the Frogs this spring.

Mary in Texas – Thanks for clarifying the D-I vs. D-II teams. Good to know that. And thanks for being one of the first regular readers.

I think that’s all. Thank you to everyone who commented, e-mailed and shared your team and your rugby stories. Have a fun weekend! Hey and don’t forget to add a pin!




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2 responses to “Update-A-Thon-A-Rama

  1. Anonymous

    Hey lady found your blog on another collegiate teams site, I’m once again pleasantly surprised that ruggers share a bond that transcends region, jobs, and many different tastes. Keep up the amazing blogging, and if you could add the cleveland (Ohio) team to your sidebar it’d be much appreciated. We’re at http://www.maidensrugby.com BTW If you were at Savannah did you play or just come down for the festivities. I went down with an Ohio womens team, maybe we crossed paths?

  2. Blondie

    Thanks and I have added your link under D-2 women’s teams (I think that is what your team is?). And I was down in Savannah in 2005, not this year and don’t remember any Ohio players. Sorry. šŸ˜‰ Thanks for the comment though.

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