Giving back to the rugby youth of America tomorrow (and stealing scrabble letters) … Blondie & Pinkie!! And possibly Goose!

(2005 Savannah celebration not included)

Guest coaches for Blondie’s Alma Mater, UW-Stevens Point Women’s Rugby, at the All Fools Tournament in (hopefully) beautiful Winona, MN. Go Black & Blood! (UWSP’s team name)

Now I’m just posting fun pictures because I’m avoiding real productivity. *sigh*




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2 responses to “Roadtrip!

  1. =-wes

    Lacking motivation for productivity is the why and how of my habitual checking in of saturdaysarubyday…

    Thanks for the shout back! I wish I could agree to the UT shoutout as well… but I happen to be a sothern california boy (so no big looser comments please… I get enough already being in TX)

  2. Blondie

    Yes, I’m sure those Texans rubbed in the Rose Bowl loss a bit, huh?

    No worries, though. SoCal or Texas, it’s all good. đŸ˜‰

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