I’ve run out of fingers and toes for counting …

Not only did Saturday’s A Rugby Day cross the 100-visitor mark yesterday, we beat that mark silly with a final count of (drumroll please) … 174 visitors.

See that big green peak on the end of my weekly count graph … that’s yesterday. I’m fairly incredulous.

So, I’m granting All-Star status to the Oklahoma women who were kind enough to share my blog with their MySpace community. Although, I’ll have to clean up my sailor-like vocabulary because I’m getting a few High School visitors now too. And unlike Charles Barkley, I would like to be a good role-model.

I received several e-mails yesterday from new & regular readers to help me add new links and update existing ones. Big thanks especially to those of you kind enough to let me know which teams should be D-I versus D-II, because I basically guess since there is no one place to verify this information in some kind of list. Which I guess means, I now am making that list? I guess so. No worries.

And also to Claire from Wisconsin, got your e-mail. When I have time, I will create a High School Girls list on the sidebar because you are right. There are lots of great HS teams in our country, especially here in our lovely state.

Also, Ashleigh in the UK — you’re right, not many UK teams. I have only posted a few foreign teams, mainly because I focus on American teams. Sorry, but it’s what I know since I am a Yank. However, I will add your team to the International Friends list when I update the sidebar.

Which brings me to the most important thing to note.

I started this blog for fun and because I wanted one place where my friends and I could find the links and resources for women’s rugby information across the USA, plus I get to jot down my rambling thoughts and vent about busting my butt for rugby. I don’t have very much time to search out new links, team results, stories, etc. So, if you enjoy reading my blog and want to help it get better, you all need to help me out and keep sending in links, results, team stories, pictures, etc. It would be great that after each weekend, there could be a post of just results/pics, etc. from across the country (and the globe too).

And because I think it’s important that this information be shared with everyone (because that is what makes women’s rugby stronger), I’ll do my best to keep up with you all. Oh and if you’re a rugger who blogs, let me know that too.

Thanks to all my new visitors for stopping by. And if you’re playing this weekend, good luck and ruck hard. I know I will be.



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One response to “I’ve run out of fingers and toes for counting …

  1. Wendy Young

    Thanks for the allstar status! I just wanted to share your blog with as many people as I could. I think its great! I have become a regular reader and am very excited.

    Am thinking about starting a Western Rugby Union blog…and doing what you do for our union.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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