Ugandan Women Defeat Brown’s Touring Side

The Ugandan Women’s Rugby Team handed their American college visitors a loss on the Brown tour, but both sides are considering it a win for women’s rugby as a whole.

Against all the bookies odds, and most of the unemotional, realistic predictions, the Kyadondo Rugby Club ‘A’ side have beaten, and beaten well (32-8), what should have been a technically and physically superior Brown University ‘A’ side on a hot, dry day here in Kampala.

Watching the Americans warming up on the Friday and the Saturday morning before the match left no-one in any doubt that here was a side that had played together before. Slick calls and moves, good running angles and safe hands were obvious. What was surprising to some here, who were expecting a physically bigger side from the land of the Kahuna-burger and chocolate milkshake, was the fact that the Brown team were actually no bigger (to the eye at least) than their Ugandan counterparts. A glance at the player weight stats would be interesting, but I guarantee there would be little in it between the teams as a whole.

Read this whole article if you have time, it’s entertaining with lots of game details. And 3,000 spectators for this game. Wow.

I’ve posted about the Brown Women’s Rugby Tour to Uganda, Africa a few times, most recently here, in case you need background.

Here’s Brown’s updates as well. I’m wholly impressed that the Brown Women raised $90,000 to take this tour as well. That’s a trip of a lifetime, isn’t it?


Image: Flag of Uganda, via Wikipedia


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