Sidebar Links Updated

Big Thanks to Katie in Saint Louis for the e-mail. She let me know that her team, the Sabres, are Division I, not Division II. Good Stuff. Thanks for visiting Katie.

And if any of you know of other US women’s teams I’m missing, and their URLs, please e-mail me. I’d like the list to be a comprehensive resource. I’ve even been including team names that don’t have sites just to be complete.

Also, Nina in Germany (aka Mutantin) – I added your blog to the list of Ruggers who Blog and made a new International Friends list on the sidebar. Your Bremen team is our first international friend. I’m kind of thinking the Herts Girls should go there too with their new team blog. I’ll add them in a second. (Updated: Just did this.)



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  1. University of MD Women

    Hi i came accross your blog, great stuff. Here is the UMD women’s rugby information

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