Rugby Bits & Bites – Not as Nasty as Football

• In the Women’s Six Nations match between Wales and France, a player – Non Evans of Wales – had to wait almost an hour with a broken leg.

“During this time, shocked and helpless fans, players and match officials could do nothing but watch and wait as the injured Non screamed in agony.”

Some are saying there wouldn’t have been the same long wait at a men’s international match. Wales came back after the break to defeat France and place second in the Six Nations, FYI.

• A UK rugby team is trying to get more women to watch rugby union with a promotional campaign for Mother’s Day. One of the moms featured in the campaign says of rugby,

“It’s got a real family atmosphere. It’s not as nasty as football. We enjoy watching it and look forward to going.”

And you know that’s not a bad idea, US teams should have a “Bring Your Mom to a Game Day” around Mother’s Day.

• Welsh rugby star Gavin Henson, who I have told you earlier has trouble applying tanning creme, ain’t always a team player and who many UK men wish to emulate body-wise, spends two hours getting pretty before games, including shaving his legs and fake-baking. I now refuse to feel bad that I sometimes wear mascara to play. Not going to feel bad at all. 🙂




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2 responses to “Rugby Bits & Bites – Not as Nasty as Football

  1. nurugger8

    I wear mascara too. Always have, always will.

  2. Amy

    I usually do as well. I play the part of a “lipstick forward” quite well 😀

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