75% Healed & 10 Reps of Stairs

That’s what my bone doctor says, I’m 75% healed, so it’s off with the splint. And I’m supposed to use the “buddy-taping” method to keep my finger safe and tape it to its neighbor.

Good news all around. Plus it was nice to get out of the office and outside, albeit briefly, to the spring-like weather. Practice should be good tonight.

Just a couple of meanderings …

– Hospitals always help you remember how lucky I am to just be there for a broken pinkie and not something incredibly more devastating like cancer.

– If I was in need of dates, I would just keep getting injured. All of my doctors have been young, male residents. Not too shabby either.

– My main orthopedic doctor always tells me entertaining rugby stories each appointment. It seems he has played a few times, but is glad he walked away in one piece. I just laugh.

– And I’m looking forward to my two previously-splinted fingers regaining their healthy pallor. They look a little sad and sickly. Perk up little guys!

In non-broken finger news, this week we have officially switched to just one day a week Monkey Bar Gym classes with Chad. Last night, sadly, only five of us came and he decided to energize us with a chilly walk to a nearby parking ramp where we got to run 10 sets of the ramp’s stairwells. Six or seven stories going Up & Down 10 times. I finished in 16:15 just behind Chad, Max and Nicole. This included a brief stop to use my inhaler, so I don’t think I did too bad. But I also am amused that I pay someone to make me run stairs. But since I know I would’ve wussed out at like 5 sets on my own, I guess I pay him to yell/encourage me. And he does a good job. Plus he’s about thisclose to playing. I can feel it. Chad – quit asking me questions and just join already. šŸ˜‰


Image: Someone running up stairs, found at http://lundissimo.info/imgs/tastyfish/


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