Germany Drops Women’s Rugby National Team

So, I can’t verify this because I can’t read German. Much less speak it, other than to say Gesundheit.

But according to one of our regular readers in Germany, who goes by the name of Mutantin, the German Rugby Union’s in a cash crunch. Consequently, they will be disbanding the women’s 15s national team to save money.

Mutantin’s posted the full german article here. If any other readers can translate german and verify this, I would appreciate it.

I’ll keep looking for more info on this. But if this is true, hey German Rugby Union … you suck.

Unrelated … Mutantin, what is up with that photo on your site? Those women’s rugby players look more like Playboy Bunnies than athletes. Please tell me German women’s players don’t play in daisydukes.




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4 responses to “Germany Drops Women’s Rugby National Team

  1. mutantin

    the foto is from the 1970’s and from england! i found it somewhere on the web and i forgot the caption, it said something about models dressed up as ruggers….
    photos of real ruggers can be found on my flickr group:
    as for the national team:
    i tried to translate the whole text, but as it has much bureaucratic terms in it, i found it very hard to translate.
    so i just wrote the summary.
    the main thing is:
    since the german sports board joined forces with the german olympic comittee, there was a whole new structure for the funding of sports here in germany.
    the non-olympic sports now receive only 900.000 euros, while the olympic sports get funding in a range of 200million(!)euros.
    also the amount of funding for the non-olympic sports depend on their international ranking.
    this is especially bad for the german rugby, as both the men and women don’t rank very high.
    so now we receive less money which could have gone into development.
    the ranking of german rugby has always been low from the 1950s on, when rugby was recovering from ww2 (rugby was quite well developed before the nazis took over). but it seemed to recover in the last years.
    and especially the german women had undergone a lot of personal sacrifices to bring their sport forward.
    we now have our own board, we have more teams playing than ever and now they’re taking away our flagship!
    it’s a slap in the face for every rugby loving woman in germany and i cannot put in words how angry i am, without using swear words, that is (we have an all-ages audience her, right?).
    i wrote an open letter to the german rugby board and put it on my weblog as well as on the major german rugby sites.
    if anyone mind to complain about this incredible thing going on, write an email to the german rugby board:

    as for now, i just sit back and wait what’s going to happen.
    i hope, watching the new york women play next saturday will put my heart at ease a bit.
    thanks for putting up this post!
    womens rugby rocks!

    oh, and if you want to blogroll me: is my blog and is my club!

  2. mutantin

    i wrote all my anger down in english, because i have to think more about what’s appropriate to say if i’m using another language. find it all here:

  3. mutantin

    i just had a long phone call with the president of the german rugby board and he told me some of the background reasons for the decision. while i still don’t think that this decision is right and i’m not pleased with the way they communicated this, i can understand it a little better.
    we now try to convince the german sports board to rethink their new funding plan.
    i’ll keep you up to date.

  4. rachel

    I am so excited you will be coming out to watch NYRC play! Make sure to come say hello and you should plan to join us at the drink-up.

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