Rugby Bits and Bites

No major news today … just crumbs. If you have anything to share, holla at me.
• USA Rugby is now hiring coaches and trainers for the new North American 4 teams, which will be competitions between two American men’s teams and two Canadian men’s teams. Gainline’s got some more info too. This might be more interesting if it involved women’s players … naturally.

• Via Goff, the Kansas City Blues are holding their first-ever Collegiate Invitational (subscription required, and it didn’t say much so I’m not reprinting it). So what, you say? Well, the Invite will also see the KC Jazz play the Chicago Women at 1 p.m. on Saturday. It’s Spring Rugby!!

• In other more local action for yours truly, over 50 women’s college rugby players from across the fine state of Wisconsin will be converging in Madison Saturday to show their stuff one last time in trials for the Wisconsin Under-23 Select-Side Team. They get to scrimmage each other and then scrimmage (drumroll please), my team, the Wisconsin Women. Yeah us! Although, I will be healing the broken digit in preparation for our upcoming game against the Chicago Women on April 8, we will have quite a crew of wily vets and some promising new rookies. It’s nice to put your cleats on, huh?

• In wow, I’m glad I dug out my underarmour news, it just started snowing. And we have practice outside tonight. Splendid.

• Oops, almost forgot. This weekend is Nash Bash down south. Have fun if you go. And best of luck to my teammate Moni and her friend Shannon from Milwaukee. I also heard Chicago North Shore is going. Anyone else? Holla with results and pics if you go.




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2 responses to “Rugby Bits and Bites

  1. mutantin

    sorry if off-topic, but i need to spread the word:

    i still cannot believe what i just read:
    the german rugby board (DRV) announced that there will no longer be a XVs womens national team.
    the full text can be found here:
    (in german, sorry)
    i don’t have words for this. i’ve never been called for the national team, but i know that the players have always done their best and made many personal sacrifices and now they’re just dumped, a month before the euro championship.
    it’s just incredible.

  2. mutantin

    english summary:

    since the german rugby board is facing a reduction in governmental aid for the sports (almost two thirds less then before) it announced a radical reduction of costs.
    this includes the liquidation of the germans womens rugby national team.
    this decision will last for the next 4 years.

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