Oeler Disagrees with McClain on USA Sevens

Kurt Oeler and I must get our copies of Rugby Magazine on the same day.

He’s posted an opinion piece on his Gainline blog today and emphatically disagrees with Buzz McClain’s article in this month’s magazine claiming that the USA Sevens isn’t losing money.

Missing the forest for the trees
opinion – America’s leadership cadre still doesn’t understand that its two-year dalliance with the USA 7s was a debacle, a misconception endorsed by the union’s business partner, Rugby Magazine.

Buzz McClain, the referee delegate to the Board’s Executive committee in 2004 and 2005, contends in the monthly’s current issue that the Los Angeles event hasn’t been “a trip to the poorhouse.” The 7s was precisely that, and it is emblematic of management’s failure that it cannot bring itself to say so.

Be sure and read the whole post for Kurt’s complete opinion.

I can honestly say that I know very little about the national governing body, other than what I can find online and subsequently post here. I post it all here, not because I wish to help feed the media or pass on opinion, but because I think most of you are just like me and don’t know what’s going on. So, if we can collectively all read and absorb and share as much information as possible, it might have some positive effect.

I don’t know … just a thought. And if anyone out there reading my site has some insight or better knowledge to share regarding the national picture of rugby, please pass it on to me. I’d be happy to post it, even anonymously.



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