Good comments on Who’s Easier to Date: A rugby player or non-rugby player?

Before it gets too buried in my plethora of pulchritudinous posts, I’m reposting my question from Monday, Is It Easier to Date a Rugby Player or Non-Rugby Player?

In the original post’s comments, some us say yes, some say no and the term “rugby hater” has been coined. It seems a lot of us have struggled with this one, whether you date men or women.

Just five comments so far, so quit standing on the sidelines reading if you have an opinion you think might be useful for all of us to know. Post a comment, anonymous or otherwise. 🙂




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2 responses to “Good comments on Who’s Easier to Date: A rugby player or non-rugby player?

  1. nurugger8

    don’t forget about rugger-huggers. The girls that hang around the rugby boys but would never conceive of playing themselves.

    The question in-of-itself is hard. Attraction comes in a variety of situations- at work, school, the gym, the bars. Rugby is a very convenient way of people with common interests to meet be it girls dating boys or girls dating girls. HOWEVER, I would say that a common mantra is that rugby people are fun to hook up with, but not good to date. There is always the sterotype of drinking and partying hard and it’s difficult to think of having a relationship knowing what the other person might be doing on all those road trips. Rugby players are often so devoted to their sport and have varying practice/game schedules. If I were to date a male player here, well, my practices are Mon/Wed. His are Tues/Thurs. My team seems to always be home when his is away and vice-versa. where is the time? off season? bah. That leaves November and December, family time.

  2. Anonymous

    I currently date a player on my team…and it is hard sometimes, but sweet in other ways. She is always there for the pass, and we can read what each other is doing.

    On the flip side if we are having a hard day it takes an extra effort to not telegraph that into practice.

    In fact our team is riddled with couples…we counted it up the other day and we have 9 couples. Scary to think if those go bad…you usually lose one or both of the couple.

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