Around the Women’s Rugbysphere …

That’s my new take on rugby + blogosphere … rugbysphere. Or maybe ruckosphere?

Anyway … my fellow bloggers who rugby have been blogging about … what else? Rugby.

• Lee got an e-mail from a college scrumhalf looking for some advice.

• Rachel is experiencing the many definitions of fatigue. But hopefully the NY crew enjoyed their Tampa training.

• Liz is just busy, busy, busy. And blogger is on the fritz for her.

Me … tonight is our first outdoor team practice. I have to dig out all of my underarmour ninja wear to keep warm. And I have to make sure we’re organized for the Under-23 select-side scrimmage we’re hosting this weekend. And make sure the fields are lined. I detest lining fields, by the way. Ugh.

Tomorrow night is fitness testing at the Monkey Bar. Now we’re going just one night a week. Sad. My mind is now swirling with all the things I need to get done this week. I need to make a list. *sigh*

Mom & Dad – not sure how thankful I am right now for that whole “ambitious & involved” DNA sequence you two gave me. It’s frankly kind of exhausting sometimes. 🙂

Updated: I found a new women’s rugby blogger, Amy in Texas, and she writes On The Verge. I’ve added you to my sidebar. And be sure to check out her Flickr photos for some nice shots of the Austin Valkyries.



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