A Debate: Is it easier to date a fellow rugby player or a non-rugger?

This has been an ongoing discussion with a few of my friends and I.

Is it easier to date a fellow rugby player (be it a guy or gal) or a non-rugby player?

And more importantly, why?

I think there are pros and cons to both. But I’d like to know what some of you think. Leave it in the comments.




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7 responses to “A Debate: Is it easier to date a fellow rugby player or a non-rugger?

  1. Anonymous

    That’s a good question. At least with rugby players, they understand why you play and your schedule and why it’s important to you. Sometimes, other people don’t get it.

  2. Anonymous

    Currently I am having a lot of trouble being married to a NONrugby player, let’s call him a rugby hater.
    Anyway I’m constantly questioned about where rugby falls on my priority list. Since I started a team two years ago, am the VP and currently coach it and love the women I play with many rugby events come up that conflict with non rugby events. I always want to choose the rugby event, or actually I feel I HAVE to.
    With that said, I’m still happy I married the man I did, just wish he’d stop the being a hater

  3. Anonymous

    since I started playing rugby I have never even tried dating a non rugger. I did once date one rugger that was not as serious about the game as I was & even that was a struggle. I just think because it is more of a lifestyle than just a game its hard for people outside the community to understand.

  4. Amy

    Is there a balance? I love the male ruggers I’ve met. They’re fun and friendly and they get why I’m so passionate about this game. But, most of them are also not what I am looking for in a serious relationship. I guess really it’s like anything else in life – the good ones (mature, responsible, intelligent, compassionate) are few and far between. So, it doesn’t matter; if someone is passionate about their own thing, whatever that may be, they’re going to by understanding about your rugby addiction.

  5. Anonymous

    I’ve been extremely adament about NOT dating a rugby player, and I have never done so. While it was extremely tough to find someone who understands the commitment involved being part of a top 4 division I rugby team; the fact that she was a varsity athlete in college and captain of her team gives her some perspective. She is very supportive and its fantastic.

    I’ve been so adament about NOT dating a rugby player because all it does is bring DRAMA to the field. I’ve seen numerous of my teammates date one teammate and then go on to date other teammates. All it ends up in is extremely hard feelings and weakens the soladarity of the team. It takes a lot to keep the personal stuff off the field – and in my experience, with such a tight group of teammates – it’s almost impossible to keep the personal feelings off the field, particularly when you are spending most of your free time with your teammates. Plus – it’s great to have someone to gripe to who is not on the team and is not fighting for your spot…

    While it is nice to have your significant other understanding a critical party of your life – that is possible without having to worry about which teammate your mate is going to sleep with once you break up…the rugby circle is FAR too small.

    I guess I’m lucky in my situation now…I do admit that my ex was a previously quoted “rugby hater” and it was miserable. I’m lucky to have found the balance.

  6. Anonymous

    If you’re a serious rugby player is might be quite difficult to NOT date a rugby player. Between a plethora of workouts, long weekends away, and team practices lots of time can drained from a relationship. Plus many rugby events(ITTs, Intl play) can override a non-rugger bf/gf’s life events(graduation, weddings, funerals). These might be true in any serious athlete but also in rugby team bonding typically is so, so tight that it is difficult for a bf/gf to come along on tourneys and such bonding could then be a source of jealousy/envy.

    The most successful rugby relationships seem to be girl-girl. Perhaps this is a result of the quality/educated women in rugby, a structured venue, and common friends/interests.

  7. mutantin

    i would never date anyone from my club. if there are problems in the relationship, it always influences the team/club.
    plus, playing rugby is _my_ thing. my husband comes to watch me play and i come to watch him play (soccer). works out well for both of us.
    (but he hates it when i bring the jerseys home to wash)

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